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Tomb Raider | 4K Upscaled Pre-rendered Cutscenes for Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider | 4K Upscaled Pre-rendered Cutscenes


All the cutscenes have been upscaled to 4K, except starting from this game, I have upped the bitrate else there will be noticeable loss of quality between AVI uncompressed (after upscaling) to Bink 1 Compression. The file size will be approximately 2-3 times larger than the original cutscene sizes.


Originally, these files are rendered at 1920×1080 / 1080p. As we all know, when moving your monitor’s resolution to 4K can have some ugly side effects on game video files and in-game gameplay when the screen resolution is set on 1080p.

Using AI upscaling software, I have applied appropriate upscaling methods, which added few extra details whilst keeping the clarity of the video as original (with deblocking).

I have also upped the default bitrate of these video files compared to the automated Bink compression bitrate, due to the amount of detail missing when the video file has been compressed (only applies to NewGameIntro).

60FPS is not possible with these Bink files. From previous experiences, Bink supports 60FPS video files, but they stuttered in-game. I will try to see if they are possible to bump into 4K / 60FPS (although they might go outside the 2GB file limit).

Correction, Bink does not support 60fps, maybe Bink 2 does support 60fps.

New discord server; which will be hosting announcements of future game upscales. You will also get better support from here. Discord Server[]


(NOTE: These screenshots are taken in JPG format to accommodate 2MB upload limit. Expect the results to be slightly better than these screenshots.)

Original (1080p)
Upscaled 4K
Original (1080p)
Upscaled 4K
Original (1080p)
Upscaled 4K
Grim’s Face Left: Original | Right: Upscaled 4K

This screenshot is in PNG, as you can tell the clear clarity difference between the two.

Progress Table

De-Noised & De-Blocked?
Converted to Bink File?
Original File Size
Final File Size
NewGameIntro.bik – New game intro
Sc3Snippets.bik – First video tapes (DE version extracted by Gh0stBlade)
ww2sos_snippets.bik – Second video tapes (DE version extracted by Gh0stBlade)


  • Upscale & Denoising/Dealiasing requires a lot of GPU power.
  • Converting to Bink file requires a lot of CPU power.
  • Bink 1 has a limitation, BIK files is required to be below 2GB, else Bink will suffer playback issues. Correction; this is a game related limit.

Download / Installation Intructions

Download 4K Upscaled Pre-Rendered Cutscenes – Google Drive[]

File Size: 4.47GB


Simply drag and drop the folder into Steamapps –> common and let File Explorer replace the files!
Note: Make sure you backup the original movie files just in case!

Other Video Upscale Projects

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South Park – The Stick of Truth [1080p –> 2160p]

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File Size: 1.64GB
[DLC File Size not included.]

The Evil Within 2 [1080p –> 2160p]

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File Size: 4.19GB


The only person being credited in contributing to these upscales is:
Gh0stBlade[] – For converting definitive edition cutscenes from PS4 to PC, without this, we would not have DE cutscenes which are generally higher resolution than the standard cutscenes.

Thread on TR Forums where Gh0stBlade converted the PS4 cutscene to PC.[]

^If you are seeing this, let me know if you want to be added to the contributor of this steam guide.