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Tomb Raider True Commitment/Shopaholic achievements guide


Tutorial how to get over 30 000 of XP and over 6000 of salvage in 11 minutes or less.1. Set up private multiplayer match2. Choose Underground map3. Choose shotgun for primary weapon, Advanced looting, Second wind (will unlock on lvl 27)4. Match options: 20 minutes and 20 medkitsFollow my method and you will get 30775 XP in every match and over 6000 salvage.You need to get arround 250 000 of salvage to get Shopaholic achievement and 1 771 100 of XP to get True Commitment achievement.Using this method you can get to lvl 60 in 11-12 hours.After you collect enough salvage, you can only collect medkits and finish the match under 10 minutes.You have to finish a round or you will loose progress!This is probably the fastest way to get both achievements.Hope this help, enjoy.

Tutorial video