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Tornado Juggling Guide for Castle Crashers

Tornado Juggling Guide


In this guide I’ll explain tornado juggling, which can only be performed with Saracen and Bear. These characters turn juggling into more of an art due to the beautiful complexity of it. This form of juggling makes Saracen and Bear two of the most efficient killers in the game.

Before We Get Started…

NEVER USE YOUR TORNADO WHEN YOU’RE NOT IN THE AIR UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Contrary to popular belief, the tornado can be blocked or broken. (If it wasn’t then it would be WAY too OP)

Having the magic jump unlocked is useful when juggling mediumweight enemies, but it’s not required.

This is pretty much the most devastating form of juggling when you know how to use it right.

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Lightweight Enemies
Repeat X X Y Y, X Y, Tornado, X X Y Y, X Y, Tornado, and so on

Mediumweight Enemies
Repeat Magic Jump, X Y Y, X Y, Tornado, until the enemy falls to the ground
Use this combo in PvP to make everyone fear you.

Heavyweight Enemies
While this isn’t a form of juggling, it still makes Saracen and Bear extremely OP against heavy enemies, and it still involves your tornado. Walk up to a heavy enemy, press Y Y, then enter your tornado and keep moving in that direction. The enemy will be rapidly damaged 1-2 times per second until you reach the edge of the screen.

Mentionable Mentionings That Should be Mentioned and Stuff About Things

Saracen and Bear’s tornado damage is strength based. That means you can level your magic up, but keep using the tornado for juggling and not have to worry about killing your XP accumulation. (Just don’t add skill points to strength)

Saracen has a different magic projectile than Bear. Saracen’s can be used to launch enemies in the air, and if you know how to levitate, you can solo any level on insane mode that has light enemies (efficiently) without ever touching the ground by XYY juggling them with the slow fall and launching more victims up with your projectile. If you’re having difficulty visualising this, then you can always add me as a friend and I’d love to demonstrate.
I can see fagola city from here. Hey look, there’s Elliots house! AAAHHH!!! ~Brandon, Elliot Goes to School

I should also point out that this is rapidly damaging to bosses. It’s roughly along the same lines as Dark Pillars.

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