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Troll Mother Insane Mode Strategy for Castle Crashers

Troll Mother Insane Mode Strategy


This is another one of my guides i noticed many people even me had trouble with this insane mode boss. this is my strategy.

What you need

this is a place in the game where i noticed many people have trouble completing so today i will tell you my strategy if your wondering its about a 5 minute read.

you should be at least level 40 have around half magic any character the chainsaw would help a lot to. a few potions like 3 at least and around 7 beefy sandwiches if you want to be extra safe get 5 potions and 9 beefy sandwiches. if you dont know how to get enough gold to buy all that stuff check out my gold farm guide. you have to be in insane mode and at the troll mother this is also a way to farm exp but all make that guide next week. i forgot you should probably have hawkster i will also make a short guide on that.

The strategy

so once you get to the boss fight just start juggling and kill the baby trolls before you attack the mother. when she is at 2/3 heath you should have drank 1 or 2 potions by now, eat a sandwich and just attack her then after that eat another sandwich and kill the baby trolls just remember dont eat all your sandwiches right away if the trolls knock you down use a magic jump if you can. just avoid getting swarmed, after a few tries you should beat her. thanks for reading sorry if i spelled anything wrong.