Fallout: New Vegas Guide

True Ending (Not Official) for Fallout: New Vegas

True Ending (Not Official)


This is a guide on how to get the true Fallout: New Vegas ending. This is in no way official nor canon to the story, this is just an extra challenge I thought up for people who finished Fallout: New Vegas and don’t know what to do.


In order to get the true ending you must have the Old World Blues , Dead Money , Honest Hearts, and Lonesome Road DLCs. If not you cannot get the true ending and this guide is useless. You must also at no point in this challenge, use the command console, lower your reputation or lie.

Step 1

In order to get the true ending you must first start by at least getting up to level 10, you may do this anyway you see fit. However you may only advance the story as far and getting into New Vegas, do not talk to Benny or Mr. House. After that you may now start the Honest Hearts DLC.

Step 2

In the Honest Hearts DLC it doesn’t not matter what you do as long as you team up with Daniel. If you team up with Joshua Graham you will fail and must start over.

Step 3

Now that Honest Hearts is complete you may move on to the Dead Money DLC, if you wish you may take a break and level up and get supplies but after that you must begin to do the Dead Money DLC.

Step 4

While doing the Dead Money DLC you may team with any faction that does not lower your reputation you must keep your reputation as high as possible during this play through.

Step 5

At this point you have completed both the Honest Hearts and the Dead Money DLCs, congrats! At this point you may now go and talk to Mr. House and get the Platinum chip from Benny. You may kill him in the Tops however you must not kill anyone not shooting at you.

Step 6

With Benny out of the picture and the Chip in your possesion you may now continue to advance the quest line with Mr. House until you get the quest “The House Always Wins, IV” once you get this quest you must now start the Old World Blues DLC.

Step 7

Now that you have started the Old World Blues you must do your best to get your Speech level to 100, this will be important later when you must fight the Legate and to talk to the Doctors in the Think Tank. You must beat Old World Blues by convincing your brain to come back, not killing Mobius, and reasoning with the Think Tank. Once this is complete you may leave Big Mountain and beat the Old World Blues DLC.

Step 8

After exiting Big Mountain you may either choose to go straight for Lonesome Road or you may advance till you get the quest “The House Always Wins, VI” after that you must begin Lonesome Road.

Step 9

Once you have started Lonesome road you may do as you please, just remember keep up your reputation. The only requirement is once you get into Ulysses’ temple. Once you are in Ulysses’ temple you must reason with Ulysses to stand down. Once you have fought off the marked men you must shut down the nukes. Once the nukes are down you may exit the temple and beat the Lonesome road DLC.

Step 10

After beating Lonesome road you may proceed with the rest of “The House Always Wins” quests and head to the 2nd battle of Hoover Dam, at the battle you may kill the legionaries and the NCR troops. Once you have made it to Legate Lanius you must convince him to stand down. Once he has stood down you must head to talk with General Oliver and convince him ALSO to stand down.

The End

Congrats! you have completed the True Ending FNV challenge, you have proven yourself as a True Courier, you have earned the Golden Package, the greatest honor a Courier can earn, Congrats.