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TTW Cryolator Schematics Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

TTW Cryolator Schematics Guide


Quick guide to obtaining the schematics and parts for the cryolator if you have TTW installed.

Cryolator in TTW?

One of the additions of TTW is the Cryolator, a cut weapon in the base game of Fallout 3, is a solid weapon to use and a must have for the capital and mojave wasteland. I often forget where the parts and schematics are located and end up getting it before I travel to the mojave wasteland. Below is a personal guide I made in 5 minutes and thought I might as well share it with the rest of you out there.

How to get the cryolator schematics.

1) The cryolator schematics can be found with the trader “Crow.” Like many traders, he cycles around the wasteland to random locations and, at first, may be difficult to find. The best place to find crow and all the other major traders is in the town of “canterbury commons.” This town works as the central trade hub with the unmarked quest involving investing in traders. The location traders appear at in the town is the roundabout surrounding the group of trees. In order to cycle traders, wait on the sidelines of the roundabout and wait for 2 hours for a new trader to appear. When Crow appears simply purchase the cryolator schematics from him.

2) The schematics of the cryolator (V2) can be found inside the building at the “MDPL-16 Power Station.” Once you enter it will be on the workbench in the room.

Required parts and good places to find them.

Requirements to build the cryolator:

Crutch (can be found in point lookout at the “Disaster Relief Outpost.”)

Garden Hose (Not in base game, can be found in broken bow of rivet city’s laboratory OR in the sewers of “old olney”)

Motorcycle Handbrake (In “Minefield” town in front of one of the standing houses, sitting on top of a tire next to a motorcycle gas tank)

Coolant Component (sometimes spawns inside of Nuka-Cola machines)