Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Ultimate Character Build Guide (Guns, Energy, and Criticals) for Fallout: New Vegas

Ultimate Character Build Guide (Guns, Energy, and Criticals)


This guide will help you build the ultimate character in terms of critical hits, crit damage, and overall damage output.

Let’s get started!


S- 5 (Implant + Reinforced Spine = 8)
P- 5 (Implant + 1st Recon Beret = 7
E- 7 (Implant + End of Lonesome Road = 9)
C- 1 (Dump stat…..)
I- 6 (Implant = 7 for voracious reader)
A- 8 (Implant + Small Frame = 10)
L- 8 (Implant + Lucky Shades = 10)


1- Built To Destroy
2- Small Frame


2- Confirmed Bachelor/Black Widow
4- Entomologist
6- Comprehension
8- Bloody Mess
10- Hand Loader
12- Hunter
14- The Professional
16- Toughness Rank 1
18- Toughness Rank 2
20- Cowboy
22- Living Anatomy
24- Finesse
26- Chemist
28- Jury Rigging
30- Better Criticals
32- robotics expert (great for Old World Blues)
34- Laser Commander
36- Voracious Reader
38- Chem Resistant
40- Grunt
42- Old World Gourmet
44- Light Touch
46- Implant GRX Rank 1
48- Implant GRX Rank 2
50- Just Lucky I’m Alive


AER14 prototype
Christine’s CoS silencer rifle
Vance’s 9mm SMG
Riot Shotgun
Anti-Material Rifle (GRA)
12.7mm SMG (GRA)
Paciencia (GRA)
Medicine Stick (GRA)


Ulysses’ Duster
Elite Riot Gear
Vault 34 Security Armor
1st Recon Beret
Lucky Shades

My personal Gear of choice

12.7mm SMG (GRA)
Riot Shotgun
Medicine Stick (GRA)
Ulysses’ Duster
1st Recon Beret
Lucky Shades

That’s all folks!

Give me some constructive (crit)isism.
Tell me what perks you would swap.
Let me know how you feel about the guide.