Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Ultimate NCR Ending Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

Ultimate NCR Ending Guide


For NCR patriots who want NCR victory at all costs (SPOILERS!)


Help RIngo and Goodsprings in “Ghost Town Gunfight”. DO NOT start the quest before doing Eddie’s quests in the NCRF, because it will make you villified by the powder gangers (see next section as for why it’s important)


Do Eddie’s quests at the NCRF.
Betray Eddie during “I Fought the Law” by offering help to the NCR with their attack on the prison.

Brotherhood of Steel

Do their quests in HIdden Valley bunker and have a good reputation with them. Do this before the quest “For the Republic, Part 2”, if not you’d have no choice but to blow up their bunker.


Go to Camp McCarran and Major Dhatri’s “Three Card Bounty” quest and kill Cook-Cook, Violet, and Driver Nephi.
Go to Vault 3 and kill Motto Runner, but do this after doing the Great Khan quest line in Red Rock Canyon

Rose of Sharon Cassidy

DON’T do the Van Graffs quest line.
Complete “Heartache by the Number” but DON’T kill Glorida Van Graff and Alice McLafferty. Snitch on them instead

Great Khans

Do the Great Khan quest line.
Convince Papa Khan to break his Alliance with Caesar’s Legion

The Kings

Do the King’s quest line.
Ease the tensions between the NCR and The Kings in “G.I Blues”, complete “King’s Gambit” diplomatically by convincing the King to make peace with the NCR.

Followers of the Apocalypse

Convince the followers to support the NCR in “You’ll know it when it happens”.

The Misfits of Camp Golf

Go to Camp Golf and train the Misfits in “Flag of Our Foul-Ups”


Complete “Come Fly With Me”. DON’T complete it by sabotaging the rockets


Complete Boone’s companion quest “I Forgot to Remember” by convincing Boone to make amends over Bitter Springs.

Powder Gangers of Vault 19

Do the side quest “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” in Vault 19, side with Philip Lem and convince him to surrender to the NCR.


Complete “My Kind of Town”, persuade the NCR to protect the town.

NCR Rangers / Chief Hanlon

Kill Caeser, take advantage of Caeser’s death and convince Chief Hanlon to stop falsifying reports in “Return to Sender”.

Thats it.

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