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[UPDATED] Everything you might need to know about Castle Crashers Remastered for Castle Crashers

[UPDATED] Everything you might need to know about Castle Crashers Remastered


Title says it all, here’s all the changes you might want to know about Castle Crashers Remastered. Or just Castle Crashers…. Let’s just call it the update. Good?


So, Castle Crashers Remastered was announced by The Behemoth in August(ish?). Here’s the announcement: [link]

So, some of us were dissappointed that it was only like a new main menu and some HD fixes. But when it was released this september, The Behemoth surprised us. [link]
The new game was jammed with new features. Not only is it going at a quicker framrate, but we are also seeing some new actual game effected features. TONS of weapons have gotten buffs and nerfs.
So, how does this effect us members of the Steam train? I’ll tell you. While all those Console buddies are getting a new game, we’re getting it as an update! So we SHOULD be able to transfer our files, and it should be completely free!
Get hyped people because Castle Crashers is getting an update, and I’m going to be the first to tell you what it is about!
UPDATE: Release date has been confirmed for October 14th, 2015!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Update released:

Incomplete Features List

This list is incomplete and I am working on it.
Most information taken from: [link]

Steam (This is our list)
  • 5x Texture Sizes (Enabled by activating “Ultra Mode” in game settings.)
  • Better Matchmaking
  • 60 FPS
  • New Minigame (Back Off Barbarian)
  • Russian Language support.
  • Improved UI (User interface) flow.
  • New pause menu background.
  • Added a digspot for the Rubber-Handle Sword.
  • A New main menu exclusive to the Steam version.
  • Weapons in the Weapons Frog have been reorganized by level.
  • New gold icon.
  • New match making system.
  • Lot’s of weapon stats/buffs.
  • Wizard Castle Takeoff has a new background.
  • There is now water on the boat in the Pirate Ship level.
  • At the beginning of the Desert level, a strange liquid is on the ground.
  • Overall better performance.
  • A new character selection screen.
  • A new loading screen.
  • More layout changes and enhancements
  • New weapon stats
  • All buttons will now be keyboard controls and no longer Xbox 360 Controller ones, unless using an Xbox 360 Controller.
  • Removed All You Can Quaff.
  • Replaced the “Glork” achievement with “The Final Countdown.”
  • New achievement icons.
  • When on the stats screen, the bar to select now slides from stat to stat as appose to blinking.
  • Snakey Staff now looks the same in the weapons frog as it does in-game.
  • Animal orb stats have changed. View it here: [link]
  • Weapons and Animal Orbs’ prices in shops has been reduced.
Xbox One
  • Blacksmith and Pink Knight will be starting characters.
  • 5x Texture Sizes
  • Better Matchmaking
  • 60 FPS
  • Improved UI (User interface) flow.
  • New Minigame (Back Off Barbarian)
  • A New main menu.
  • Added a digspot for the Rubber-Handle Sword.
  • Weapons in the Weapons Frog have been reorganized.
  • Hatty Hattington is purchasable in the Insane Store.
  • New gold icon.
  • New match making system.
  • Lots of weapons have stats have been changed.
  • DLC weapons are now available in certain insane stores.
  • Wizard Castle Takeoff has a new background.
  • Overall better performance.
  • A New character selection screen.
  • A New loading screen.
  • More layout changes and enhancements.
  • Removed All You Can Quaff.
  • Snakey Staff now looks the same in the weapons frog as it does in-game.
  • Various character tweak/bug fixes.
  • Industrialist (and possibely fencer) has been nerfed and now has 3 hits per saw except four. Making a total of 21 hits as appose to 28.
Xbox 360 Improvements

These are features that have been added in the remastered version that were not in the Xbox 360 Version.

  • Xbox One only: Gold is no longer shared between characters. (This feature was already existing on the Steam and PlayStation 3 Versions.)
  • Xbox One only: Insane Store introduced. (This feature was already existing on the Steam and PlayStation 3 Versions.)
  • Xbox One only: Open-Faced Gray Knight, King, Necromancer, and Cult Minion are no longer DLC and can only be unlocked by beating certain insane mode levels. (This feature was already existing on the Steam and PlayStation 3 Versions.)
  • Xbox One only: Alien is now unlocked by beat the Alien Ship level. (This feature was already existing on the Steam and PlayStation 3 Versions.)

Detailed Summary

First off, when you launch the game, you’ll be greeted with a modern looking main menu.

Pretty good looking, I honestly like it more then the Xbox One version.

Now, we’ve also got a new book for when we pick our game mode.

The old one is just classic, but this one has got some nice new details.

Moving on, we’ve got a new Character selection screen.

I like this a bit better. It is much more organized and a great addition.

Along with that, we’ve got a new framerate that is actually very noticable. Instead of the normal 30 FPS, the game can run up 60 FPS. As a bonus, you can enable Ultra mode in settings to make the textures 5 times larger.

I suggest turning on ultra if you are having trouble adjusting to this new FPS.

Interested in multiplayer? They amped up that too:

Now, instead of searching matches, quick match, and create match, they have two simple buttons. Press “Play with anyone” and it will start looking for matches:

When they do, you’ll be placed at the character selection screen. (That’s the new lobby.) If there aren’t any matches open, they automatically create one for you so others can join. The same goes if you press “Play with Friends.” It’s actually a pretty smart system.

Staying in the menu section, we’ve got a new loading screen:

What it does is displays is a picture of the red knight running and when it’s completed it shows a picture of the green knight running.

There’s a new pause menu background with knight helmets and hearts.


They’ve got a new minigame replacing all you can quaff, called Back off Barbarian.

It’s hard to follow, has awful controls, and isn’t that competitive if you’re playing with 2 or more players.

Here’s the ending screen with me getting a perfect score:

I am so good at this game.

They also reorganized the weapons in the weapons frog. Now they’re by level:

Takes a bit to adjust to, but can be better.

Shops have changed a bit, they have a new look.

(If you check the top left you’ll see that the gold icon changed a bit too.)

Wizard castle takeoff has got a new background:


The Pirate Ship level now has some new details on the floor:

Makes it a bit nicer looking.

There’s a mysterious spill at the beginning of the Desert level.

I have no idea what it is.

Get ready to thank the gods of Castle Crashers – We’ve actually got keyboard controls displayed:

Better yet, they display controller controls if you happen to be using that.

A minor change, but Snakey staff has a new in-game look:

Now it looks like it did in the weapons frog except with a glow as appose to looking completely different.

Known Bugs

On the pirate ship level, the cutscene can be glitched by walking to the right:

If you launch the game and don’t press start then accept an invite from a friend, you’ll be greeted with this screen that’s impossible to get out of:

In Back off Barbarian, there is no way to tell the difference between you and enemy barbarians if you chose the barbarian character (Same goes for Fire Demon and Icekimo, if you chose them and are on their levels):
No picture yet.
Please state any bugs you’ve experienced in the comments!

Release Date

Although it has been confirmed for being released at the end of the year, The Behemoth surprised us and says they’re releasing it October 14th, 2015!


This is huge news, I hope you are all excited!

UPDATE: It’s been released, yay!

Other platforms

The Behemoth has not yet confirmed a PS4 release. They also have not confirmed that they will be releasing it for PS3 or Xbox 360, which is unlikely due to them being outdated consoles. The Remastered version for Xbox One is much bigger, with character buffs and weapon stats. For some reason, Steam did not recieve these changes. It may be due to the fact that it’s an update and not a serperate game.

Summary and Wrap up

So, long story short Castle Crashers is getting balanced out. With Backoff Barbarian, your fingers will no longer get tired from all-you-can-quaffing. With the buffs, some awful characters will be better then some S ranks. Tons of other features I can’t even list will be added, so keep an eye out! Make sure to check out the remastered wiki when it’s finished!
Since you’re here, check out my youtube! Some new Castle Crashers content is coming soon!

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Happy Crashing with the new update!