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Using Your Magic and The Best Ways of Using Magic for Castle Crashers

Using Your Magic and The Best Ways of Using Magic


This guide explains the significance of every character’s magic, and a few tips on the best ways of how you can use it. Pictures were just added! If this is truely a repost, I had no idea.UPDATE – Now includes Hatty Hattington’s magic!

Green Knight’s Magic

The Green Knight’s magic consists of melting your enemies with acid. The magic does not do a lot of damage when the enemy is hit directly, but the enemy will be taking acid damage, which can do a lot of damage. The acid won’t only do damage once after the enemy is hit, but two to three times. The Green Knight’s splash attack is best for corroding many enemies in acid, letting the acid do damage to them while you fight the other enemies. Certain bosses are immune to acid, so be careful who you use the magic on!

The Green Knight’s projectile magic shoots balls of acid at your enemies, which can also corrode them, meaning that direct hits won’t do as much damage as normal magic, and because of that, I recommend using his projectile magic only on enemies who can be corroded in acid.

The Green Knight’s jump magic creates a big cloud of acid around him, giving it a splash damage radius. The jump does corrode enemies within range of the jump, other than fire and acid jump magic, all jump magics do as much damage as a normal projectile magic shot does. For all uses of jump magic, the best way of using it is when you’re closely surrounded by your enemies, and you can also use it how the enemies use it.

Red Knight’s Magic

The Red Knight’s magic is something you would not expect coming out of a knight wearing red and white. His magic consists of electricuting it’s enemies with lightning. Lightning does not do additional damage like what acid and fire does. The Red Knight’s splash attack is different from a lot of the other character’s magic. Holding the splash attack button will make the Red Knight shoot lightning out of his hand until his magic fully depletes, or if you let go of the button. This splash attack can be used to freeze a big group of enemies within range, being unable to move from the electric damage. His splash attack won’t stop certain bosses from moving, so make sure you use it on the right enemies!

The Red Knight’s projectile magic consists of throwing electric spheres at enemies. This magic works like normal magic, so it does its normal damage. This magic can be used on any enemy or boss.

The Red Knight’s jump magic creates an “explosion” of lightning under him, which can hurt and knock down enemies within range. It’s best to use this magic when you’re closely surrounded.

Blue Knight’s + Iceskimo’s Magic

This magic consists of using ice to freeze and knock down your enemies. Splash attack will make icecycles fall from above, freezing any enemy for a short period of time if hit. The Blue Knight’s magic still does this attack if you use the air projectile attack, while with the Iceskimo, he just throws snowballs.

The Blue Knight’s projectile magic throws a smaller icecycle at the enemy, it is able to freeze enemies. The magic does normal damage. The Iceskimo’s projectile magic, however, is different from the Blue Knight’s. Instead of throwing icecycles, he throws snowballs that do normal damage, they do not freeze the enemy, but are considered non-elemental, which means enemies’ resistance is based on defense, not their ice resistance. This generally makes Iceskimo a much better all around character, and he can mix his air projectile into a juggle, while Blue Knight can’t.

The Blue Knight’s jump magic shoots an ice skulpture of a fist up from under his feet. This freezes enemies, while the Iceskimo’s jump magic brings snow up from under his feet.

Orange Knight’s + Fire Demon’s Magic

The Orange Knight and the Fire Demon both do fire damage, but all of the Orange Knight’s magic is believed to do the extra fire damage, while only the Fire Demon’s splash attack does not do the extra fire damage.
The Orange Knight’s splash attack is almost exactly the same as the Green Knight’s, only difference is the elements, and Orange Knight has signiificantly longer range. (almost twice as far.) The Fire Demon’s splash, however, creates circles of fire in front of him, depending on how much the magic ability is increased, which does the normal damage and knocking the enemy down.

Both the Orange Knight and the Fire Demon have the same projectile magic, which consists of throwing fireballs at your enemies, which can burn the victim. Certain bosses don’t take the extra fire damage, so be careful who you use it on!

Both the Orange Knight and the Fire Demon have the same jump magic, which consists of making a big cloud of fire from under them. This magic is believed to do extra fire damage.

Fire Demon and Orange Knight have fire damage over time on every last magic attack. The biggest difference is that Fire Demon has a boss slaying splash attack, and Orange Knight has the best range in the game. (Tied with Pink Knight) Fire Demon’s splash magic has stronger knockback, and there’s an incredibly large group of enemies that are weak to fire, but barely any that are resistant to it. By resistant, I meant receive miniscule damage, no knockback, and/or don’t recieve damage over time. (Cultists and Fire Demons) Barbarians, Bears, Snakies, Icekimos, Trolls, Fishmen, Brutes, Ice King, Cyclops II, and Royal Guards are weak to fire, as well as others.

King’s Magic

The King’s magic is almost completely different from all the other ones.

The King’s splash damage does not do ANYTHING to the enemy, but it does something to you. It doesn’t hurt you, but it heals you health slightly, the amount of given health depends on how much your magic ability is increased. Use this magic to heal before the next fight comes. This can also heal nearby teammates the same amount of health.

The King’s projectile magic throws golden sycles at enemies. These do normal projectile magic, so it can be used on any enemy or boss.

The King’s jump magic creates a cloud of magic under him, not using acid or fire damage.

Stove Face’s + Peasant’s + more Magic

There are a lot of characters in this group of magic, their splash damage all bring arrows down to knock down your enemies, doing normal damage; projectiles are either throwing knives or cycles, both doing normal damage, best used on any enemy or boss; and about jump magic, I have never actually upgraded my magic ability with any of these characters enough to know what it is. You can help me by posting what the jumps are in the comments, and I will add it into this section. I can say, though, that I don’t think all of their jump magics are the same. From what someone has previously commented, the Peasant’s jump magic is just a dust cloud, nothing special.

Stove Face, Peasant, Civilian, Thief, Grey Knight 2

Bear + Saracen Magic

These are the two characters that have the tornado magic as their splash attack. The Bear’s tornado is white, while the Saracen’s tornado is brown. Their tornado magic can be good for barging through a big group of enemies, and it can also be helpful for doing constant damage to flinch-resistant bosses, but you can be nocked out of the tornado if you flinch while in it.

The Bear’s magic is more symmetrical, while the Saracen’s magic is kind of… different. The Bear’s projectile is throwing a white ball at the enemy, while the Saracen’s, is not an object, it throws a bunch of sand in the form of a sand storm, and it brings the enemy high into the air. The sand storm doesn’t do all that much damage. If you do unlock the air projectile attack with the Saracen, you don’t do the sand storm attack, you just do the tornado; same thing with the Bear.

Both the Bear’s and the Saracen’s jump magic is similar, only that the Bear jumps with a white cloud, while the Saracen jumps with a light brown cloud.

Royal Guard’s + Conehead’s + Grey Knight’s Magic

The Royal Guard, Conehead and Grey Knight’s magic both involve the arrow splash attack, and both of their projectile magic is throwing bombs. These bombs somewhat act like the bombs you can buy from the stores, only that they don’t do a ton of damage, the max damage they can get to is 59, which is the normal max damage for all of the projectile magic that does normal damage. These bombs can destroy the cracked walls that contain secrets. They will do splash damage, but the radius is very small.

The only thing that is different between the three is their jump magic. Different substances come out between each other.

Skeleton’s + Cultist’s Magic

The Skeleton’s and Cultist’s magic are both exactly the same. Their splash attack is much similar to the Fire Demon’s, only that the splash damage doesn’t do fire damage. This splash attack can be very useful in flinch-resistant boss battles.

The Skeleton’s and Cultist’s projectile magic consists of shooting a so called “ball of death” at the enemy. The ball does not do extra damage, it does normal damage.

Jump magic consists of bringing strange black and grey clouds from under their feet.

Industrialist’s + Fencer’s Magic

Like the similarites between the Skeleton and the Cultisth, both the Industrialist and the Fencer use the exact same magic. In my opinion, I think they both have the best, and most deadly magic in the game. Their splash attack is why, it consists of bringing saws from underground. Why do I think their splash attack is deadly? It’s because all of the shown buzz saws can do damage, so if you have full magic, and fight a flinch-resistant boss, you will see the damage numbers in a straight big text from it doing damage so fast. The boss will drop to the floor in a matter of seconds, unless if you’re on Insane Mode, then it would take a while, but it would still be very fast.

Projectile attack consists of throwing buzz saws at the enemy, which do normal damage.

Jump attack consists of steam coming up from below.

Barbarian’s Magic

From what people have said in the comments, the Barbarian’s magic is somewhat unique. His splash attack throws arrows, axes, and sticks. These move faster than the normal arrow splash attack. His splash attack does normal damage.

His projectile attack involves throwing axes at the victim. The axes do normal damage.

His jump magic is the same as the Peasants, which brings a big dust cloud into the air.

Beekeeper’s Magic

The Beekeeper’s magic is unique, different from all the other characters, and I think his magic is the most funny.

His splash attack will summon killer bees (the exact same ones on the Flowery Field level), that will come from above, and sting anyone it lands on, but that kills the bee, so you cannot spawn the bees to help you in fight. The amount of bees that come down depends on your magic ability. This magic technically works like the arrow magic.

You can guess what his projectile attack is. He literally throws bees, flying with their stinger facing away from you, and it stings the victim. The bees do normal damage.

His jump magic does not involve bees at all, it’s the same as the Industrialist’s and the Fencer’s.

Ninja’s Magic

This character’s magic is also unique.

His splash attack brings out these little clouds of smoke out, which will knock down the enemy, just a normal splash attack. Ninja’s splash magic is special… His splash magic’s small hitboxes makes him one of the best boss slayers in the game because the small hitboxes and range hit slimmer targets more than other characters, and his magic projectile moves faster than normal, as well as Icekimo and Necromancer.

His projectile attack is throwing ninja stars at the enemy, they do normal damage.

And his jump magic uses the same clouds as his splash attack.

I could not explain that much about this character, because his magic isn’t too special.

Brute’s + Snakey’s Magic

Both of these characters use the rose bush splash attack, which is just a normal splash attack.

The only thing different between the two is their projectile magic. Snakey just throws knives, when the Brute throws acorns. Yeah. Acorns. You heard me. Both of them do normal damage.

Their jump magic both involves a vine whipping them up into the air.

Pink Knight’s Magic

The Pink Knight’s magic is a very fun magic. Splash attack brings out these “fabulous” rainbows that will make the enemy flinch differently. The flinch causes them to turn and face the screen, like they are looking at you, and they show the peace sign with both hands. These rainbows are very powerful, they drain about half of your magic, so use it wisely!

Projectile attack is literally a reskin of Conehead’s and the Royal Guard’s projectile magic. Instead of throwing bombs, he throws these cute chubby, round animals (not animal orbs) at the enemy. They do normal damage. The animals lack the fire damage over time and explosion radius of the bombs. The animals also can’t break cracked walls.

His jump magic brings a weasel, or something I don’t know exactly what it is, up from under.

Blacksmith’s Magic

The Blacksmith’s splash attack spawns one of those horned frogs behind him, and the frog pulls out his tongue, nocking down the enemy. This attack is also used as the air projectile attack. This does normal damage.

His projectile attack throws flaming hammers that can burn the enemy with fire damage. This attack can be very helpful against armored enemies. He does not use this as his air projectile.

His jump magic brings this swing-like object up from under him.

Necromencer’s Magic

The Necromencer also has unique magic.

His splash attack summons skeletal arms to come up from above and attack the victim. They do normal splash damage, nothing special added.

His projectile attack summons a skeleton, much like the skeleton character, that charges forward and slams into the victim. The skeleton explodes on contact, so it won’t start attacking more enemies. His projectile attack does normal damage.

His jump magic creates bones that come from below, which go around like if there was an explosion from below.

Hatty Hattington’s Magic

I was able to upgrade his magic enough to see all of his magic attacks. I love how different they are from all the other types. Yet, I only found one thing that’s negative about his magic.

His splash magic sends golden cubes to the ground, hitting the enemy, along with a happy golden whale. However, this is what’s negative about his magic; his splash attack takes longer to do damage than any other splash attack. His splash attack does not do any special kind of damage.

His projectile is just shooting tears from his eyes at the enemy. This does normal damage and does a normal flinch.

His air projectile is different. He throws giant green diamonds down, and the diamonds have the same physics as the bombs, except they do not exactly work like bombs. So you can’t use it to break open cracked walls.

His jump magic makes the quiet noise of wings flapping, and small white wings come out from his back and flap somewhat slowly.

Additional Information

You may have noticed the screenshots I added. If there isn’t one for a certain magic ability for a certain character, it means I don’t have a screenshot for it.

“It does normal splash damage”
No skill points: 1 damage
1SP: 2
2SP: 3
3SP: 4
And so on. In other words; 1 skill point = +1 splash damage

“It does normal projectile damage”
4SP: 8
5SP: 10
6SP: 12
And so on. In other words; 1 skill point = +2 projectile damage

Most jump magic will do as much damage as normal projectile damage.

Any magic that does fire or acid damage, direct hit of projectiles will be less than normal damage, additional damage after the hit adds up to it, discluding acid.

All characters have the X, X, X, Y magic combo. Only the Blue Knight, Iceskimo, Red Knight, Orange Knight, Fire Demon, and the Green Knight’s X, X, X, Y combo has the element added to it.
+1 skill point after X, X, X, Y combo is unlocked = +4 damage for that combo.

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