Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Various item IDs for Fallout: New Vegas

Various item IDs


Various Item IDS with some perks as well


I did not include everything in the base game because their are a LOT of Items, there are also no DLC Items because the IDS for DLC items change dependeing on load order

Bounus IDs
0000000f (Nuka-Cola Caps)
001017c6 (Sunset Sarsaparilla Caps)
0000000a (bobby pins)

List of commands

Enter these commands as showen, modifing the ID and number of items to your wishes
player.additem 0015fff4 1
the above command would give you Mercy a 40mm grenade machine gun, it is unique
player.addperk 00031de0
the above command would give you one rank of toughness (+3 DT)
player.modav skill value
adds skils ex player.modav energyweapons 25
adds a level
player.rewardxp number
adds xp ex: player.rewardxp 15000
player.setav speedmult X
X=% this affects you move speed
this forces a skill or other perk like things to that value
list of player.forceAV and modAV codes:
Throwing (survival)

It is important that you enter the commands AS SHOWEN with the ID set to whatever you want, that is a thing, and for the player.additem command that the number of items you want to recive to what you want.

Guns (items 2)


.357 magnum revolver: 0008f216
Lucky (.357): 000e2c86
.44 magnum revolver: 0008f215
Hunting revolver: 0008f214
That Gun: 00133058
9mm pistol: 000e3778
Maria: 000e7655
10mm pistol: 0000434f
Weathered 10mm pistol: 001735d4
12.7mm pistol: 0008f213
Ranger Sequoia: 00129a44
Silenced .22 pistol: 000e377a


9mm SMG: 0008f217
Vance’s 9mm SMG: 000e32f4
10mm SMG: 00004321
12.7mm SMG: 001429d1
Silenced .22 SMG: 0008f218


Caravan shotgun: 000cd53a
Sturdy caravan shotgun: 001735e3
Hunting shotgun: 0008ed0b
Dinner Bell: 000f0b12
Lever-action shotgun: 0008ed0c
Riot shotgun: 0008ed0a
Big Boomer: 001673cd


Anti-materiel rifle: 0008f21c
Sniper rifle: 00004353
Gobi Campaign scout rifle: 001429e1
Hunting rifle: 00004333
Brush gun: 00121148
This Machine: 000f062b
Cowboy repeater: 0008f21a
La Longue Carabine: 000f56f5
Trail carbine: 000cd539
Marksman carbine: 00106fea
All-American: 00106feb
Service rifle: 000e9c3b
Assault carbine: 0008f21e
Light machine gun: 000906df

Heavy Weapons

Minigun: 0000433f
CZ57 Avenger: 001629b6

Energy Weapons

command: player.additem (ID) (ammount)

Energy Rifles

YCS/186: 0015b38d
Gauss rifle: 0015837b
Laser RCW: 0009073b
Q-35 matter modulator: 000e6064
Plasma rifle: 00004344
AER14: 001479b3
Laser rifle: 00004336

Heavy Energy

Tesla cannon: 000e2bec
Tesla-Beaton prototype: 0015a47f
gatling laser: 0000432e
Flamer: 0000432d
Incinerator: 000906da
Heavy incinerator: 000e2bfc


Pulse gun: 00090a6b
Laser Pistol: 00004335
Plasma Defender: 00090727


Multiplas rifle: 00121168
Tri-beam laser rifle: 000e2bf4



Fat Man: 0000432c
Grenade machinegun: 00090a6a
Mercy: 0015fff4
Grenade launcher: 0007ea25
Grenade rifle: 000ff576
Thump-Thump: 001429e2
Missile launcher: 00004340
Annabelle: 00162019


Dynamite: 000ba0f3
Long-fuse dynamite: 00109a0c
Frag grenade: 00004330
Holy Frag Grenade: 0014ea5a
Incendiary grenade: 0014ddde
Plasma grenade: 00004332
Pulse grenade: 00004331


Bottlecap mine: 0000433a
C-4 plastic explosive: 001221c1 (blown up by detanator)
Detonator: 00130041
Frag mine: 0000433c
Plasma mine: 0000433d
Powder charge: 00109a0b
Pulse mine: 0000433e

Melee Weapons

Chance’s knife: 00162c92
Knock-Knock: 00156f7c
Broad machete: 001735e5
Shishkebab: 0000434e
Ripper: 00004349
Thermic lance: 0015c881
Oh, Baby!: 00156968
Throwing knife: 00161246
Ballistic fist: 0015ba03
Power fist: 00004347
Paladin Toaster: 0015ba72
Cattle prod: 0013316d

Armour Clothes

Light Armour/ Clothes

Wasteland wanderer outfit, AGL +1, END +1: 0001ba00
Advanced radiation suit, Rad. Res. +40: 0003307a
Chinese stealth armor, Sneak +5: 0015fd5c
Vault 34 security armor: 00138dc2
Leather armor, reinforced: 001264fe
Vault lab uniform: 0001cbdc
Sierra Madre armor, reinforced: xx0109f2
Bounty hunter duster, CHR +1, Guns +5: 0010d8db
Vault 3 utility jumpsuit, Repair +5, Lockpick +5: 000fd771
Wasteland legend outfit, AGL +1, END +1: 000cb609
Chinese stealth armor, Sneak +5: 0015fd5c
Legion praetorian armor, Legion: 000ee480
Leather armor: 00020423
Leather armor, reinforced: 001264fe
Lightweight leather armor: 001735e0
Radiation suit, Rad. Res. +30: 00033078
Vault 3 jumpsuit, Melee Weapons +2 Speech +2: 000efb23
Kings Outfit: 00110a74
Jailhouse Rocker: 0010c67c

Medium Armour

Combat armor: 00020420
Combat armor, reinforced: 00126500
Combat armor, reinforced mark 2: 0015ef66
NCR face wrap armor: 000ee690
NCR trooper armor: 000ee692
Recon armor, Sneak +5: 0003064d

Heavy Armour

Metal armor, AGL -1: 0003307f
Metal armor, reinforced; AGL -1: 001264ff
NCR salvaged power armor, AGL -2: 0013316a

Power Armour

T-45d power armor, STR +2, AGL -2, Rad. Res. +10: 00014e13
T-51b power armor, STR +1, Rad. Res. +25: 000a6f77
Remnants power armor, STR +1, Rad. Res. +15: 00133166
T-45d power helmet, Rad Res. +3: 00014c08
T-51b power helmet, CHR +1, Rad Res. +8: 000a6f78
Remnants power helmet, CHR -1, Rad Res. +5: 00133167
Gannon family Tesla armor, +10 Energy Weapons +20 Radiation Resistance: 00133168
Gannon family Tesla helmet: -1 Charisma +5 Radiation Resistance: 00133169


Lucky shades, LCK +1 PER +3 (with Four Eyes): 000cb54b


1st Recon beret, PER +1, Crit. Chan. +5: 000ccebf
Enclave officer hat, Ener. Weap. +5: 00078647
Combat helmet (Combat armour set): 00020426
Combat helmet, reinforced (Combat armour reinforced set): 0014722a
Combat helmet, reinforced mark 2 (Combat armour reinforced mark 2 set): 0015ef67
Goggles helmet: 000ee68e
Vault 34 security helmet: 00138dc3
Trooper helmet: 000ee68f
Sierra Madre armor, reinforced head: xx0109f3

Ammo/ non-weapon armour items


Standard: 0007ea27
Hollow point: 0013e439

Standard: 0006b53c
JSP hand load: 00140aa0
Hollow point: 0013e443
Armor piercing: 0013e442

Standard: 0008ed02
JFP hand load: 00140a9e
Hollow point: 0013e43c

Standard: 0002937e
Hollow point: 0013e437
SWC hand load: 0013e438

Standard: 00121133
Hollow point: 0013e43d
SWC hand load: 0013e43e

.50 MG
Standard: 0008ecff
Armor piercing: 0013e445
Incendiary: 0013e444
Match hand load: 00140aa1

Standard: 0006b53d
Armor piercing: 0013e43f
Hollow point: 001613ff

Standard: 00004240
Armor piercing: 00140a9f
Hollow point: 0013e441

Standard: 0008ed03
+P: 00160c40
Hollow point: 0013e43a

Standard: 00004241
Hollow point: 0013e43b

Standard: 001429cf
Hollow point: 001613d4

12 gauge shotgun shell
Standard: 0008ecf5
Bean bag: 0013e446
Coin shot: 001582da
Magnum: 00165e79
Slug: 0013e447

20 gauge shotgun shell
Standard: 000e86f2
Slug: 0013e448
Magnum: 00165e7a

25mm Grenade
Standard: 00096c40
High explosive: 0013e449

40mm Grenade
Standard: 0007ea26
Incendiary: 00158307

Standard: 00029383
High explosive: 0013e44b
High velocity: 0013e44c

Mini Nuke: 00020799

Electron charge pack
Standard: 0006b53e
Bulk: 00158311
Max charge: 0015830e

Energy cell
Standard: 00020772
Bulk: 00158313
Max charge: 001582e0

Flamer fuel: 00029371

Microfusion cell
Standard: 00004485
Bulk: 00158312
Max charge: 0015830c

Other Junk

Weapon repair kit: 00140a68

Doctor’s bag: 000cb05c
Med-X: 00050f8f
Rad-X: 00015168
RadAway: 00015167
Stimpak: 00015169
Super stimpak: 000ccef2

Cook-Cook’s Fiend stew: 00175aae
Gecko kebab: 001613c5
Xander root: 0013b2b9

DLC Items

in this section there will be many items from the DLC of F:NV all of the IDs start with “xx” this is a varible number that is determined by your load order, you may notice that all of the other items in the guide start with “00” this is because they are from the core game and are always first


HH = Honset Hearts
OWB = Old World Blues
LR = Lonesome Road
DM = Dead Money
GRA = Gun Runners Arsenal

Gehenna, GRA: xx00080f


.45 Auto pistol, HH: xx008e1a
A Light Shining in Darkness, HH: xx009dbe
Li’l Devil, GRA: xx000805
Sleepytyme, GRA: xx00080d
12.7mm submachine gun, GRA: xx00084e
Anti-Materiel Rifle, GRA: xx00084f
shoulder mounted machine gun, LR: xx008858
Battle Rifle, GRA: xx000812
Assault Carbine, GRA: xx000850
Survivalist’s rifle, HH: xx00dd79
.45 Auto submachine gun, HH: xx00996c
K9000 cyberdog gun, OWB: xx00e39e
Paciencia, GRA: xx00080c
automatic rifle, DM: xx00a7a9
Christine’s CoS silencer rifle, OWB: xx0112ba

Energy Weapons

laser pistol, GRA: xx00084d
Plasma Defender, GRA: xx000853
plasma pistol, GRA: xx000855
Holorifle, DM: xx0092ef
LAER, OWB: xx00b9cf
Elijah’s advanced LAER, OWB: xx015dd3
tri-beam laser rifle, GRA: xx000854
arc welder, LR: xx00766b
Sprtel-Wood 9700, GRA: xx000803


fire bomb, HH: xx00bcb4
flash bang, LR: xx004c35
MFC grenade, GRA: xx0008c8
Nuka-grenade, GRA: xx000818
tin grenade, GRA: xx000814
demolition charge, DM: xx01140b
fat mine, GRA: xx000815
gas bomb, DM: xx00c45d
MFC cluster, GRA: xx0008c9
satchel charge, LR: xx0076e3
time bomb, high yield, GRA: xx000811
25mm grenade APW, GRA: xx00081b
Fat Man, GRA: xx000ac3
Esther, GRA: xx000804


Riot gear, LR: xx008855 Helmet: xx008856
advanced riot gear, LR: xx008857 Helmet: xx008859
Elite riot gear, LR: xx00885b Helmet: xx00885a
Desert Ranger combat armor, HH: xx010c71 Helmet: xx01124d
US Army combat armor, LR: xx008f00
Sierra Madre armor, DM: xx00e3f0 Helmet: xx00e3f1
Sierra Madre armor, reinforced, DM: xx0109f2 Helmet: xx0109f3
scorched Sierra power armor, LR: xx00c717
Armor of the 87th Tribe, LR: xx00c716
assassin suit, DM: xx00e1b7
US Army General outfit, LR: xx008eff
atomic-valence tri-radii-oscillator, OWB: xx00adbd
park ranger hat, HH: xx00ecbe

Comsumables and chems

fiery purgative, LR: xx00917b
Auto-inject stimpak, LR: xx00917c
Auto-inject super stimpak, LR: xx00917d
Blood Shield, HH: xx01110a
MRE, LR: xx00917e
Thin red paste, OWB: xx0098c4
Thick red paste, OWB: xx0133b6
Blood sausage, OWB: xx0098c5
Black blood sausage, OWB: xx0133b3

Bullets N Stuff

.45 Auto (HH)
Standard: xx00947b
Hollow Point: xx009e6a
P+: xx009e6b
Super Hand Load: xx009e6c

.50 MG
Explosive: xx00085b (GRA)

JSP hand load: xx000871 (GRA)

Match: xx00086f (GRA)

JHP (hand load): xx000870 (GRA)

JHP (hand load): xx000a2b (GRA)

12 Gauge
4/0 Buck: xx000861 (GRA)
4/0 buck (hand load): xx000862 (GRA)
Dragon’s Breath: xx00085f (GRA)
Flechette: xx00085e (GRA)
Pulse Slug: xx00085d (GRA)

20 Gauge
3/0 buck: xx000860 (GRA)
3/0 buck (hand load): xx000863 (GRA)
Pulse Slug: xx00085c (GRA)

Mini Nuke (GRA)
Big Kid: xx000868
low yield: xx000868
Timed: xx000867
Tiny Tots: xx000a09


Plasma Defender (GRA)


Assault Carbine (GRA)

12.7 SMG (GRA)

.45 pistol (HH)

.45 SMG (HH)

Classic Fallout Weapons Mod

Link to mod: [link]
normal rules apply, you need the mod and XX is load order

xx000803 Monkey Wrench
xx000804 Crowbar
xx000805 Wakizashi
xx000806 Colt 6520 Pistol 10mm
xx000808 Beretta M92FS Pistol 9mm
xx000809 SIG Sauer P220 Pistol 9mm
xx00080a HSI Mauser Pistol 9mm
xx00080d H&K P90c SMG 10mm
xx000811 Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol SEC
xx000812 Uzi SMG 9mm
xx000813 Scorpio SMG 9mm
xx000815 Walther MPL SMG 9mm
xx000816 Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol .44 Mag
xx000817 Ithaca Model 37 Hunting Shotgun 12g
xx00081b DKS-501 MSG Sniper Rifle .308
xx00081c Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle MFC
xx00081d H&K MP5 SMG 9mm
xx00081e Sten Gun SMG 9mm
xx00081f MP-38 SMG 9mm
xx000820 C.A.W.S. Riot Shotgun 12g
xx000821 Pancor Jackhammer Riot Shotgun 12g
xx000822 Neostead Combat Shotgun 12g
xx00083e Winchester City-Killer Riot Shotgun 12g
xx000841 Casull Revolver 10mm/.45
xx000845 Enfield XL70E3 Assault Rifle 5mm
xx000846 Enfield L86 Light Support Weapon 5.56mm
xx000851 P94 Plasma Rifle MFC
xx000854 Vindicator Minigun 4.7mm
xx000859 AK47 Assault Rifle .308
xx00085a M60 Machine Gun .308
xx00085b M249 Squad Automatic Weapon .308
xx000860 FN FAL Assault Rifle .308
xx00086a M72 Gauss Rifle 2mm EC
xx00086b M-14 Service Rifle .303
xx00086c DKS-501 5.56mm Sniper Rifle 5.56mm
xx00086d H&K L30 Gatling Laser MFC
xx00086e M2 Browning Machine Gun .50
xx0008b0 Grenade Pistol 40mm
xx0008b1 Ruger AC-556F Assault Carbine 5.56mm
xx0008b2 Steyr AUG Assault Rifle 5.56mm
xx0008b3 M16A1 Assault Rifle 5.56mm
xx0008b5 Bren Gun .303
xx0008b6 Lewis Gun .303
xx0008db Flamer Pistol FF
xx0008dc Needler Pistol HN
xx0008e6 H&K G11 Assault Rifle 4.7mm
xx0008f7 Super Sledge
xx0008f8 Pulse Grenade
xx0008f9 Molotov Cocktail
xx000904 PPK12 Gauss Pistol 2mm EC
xx000905 Pipe Rifle 10mm
xx00090c Beretta 470 Silver Hawk 12g
xx00090d Winchester Widowmaker 12g
xx00090e Sawed-Off Widowmaker 12g
xx0009b1 YK42b Pulse Rifle MFC
xx0009b2 YK32 Pulse Pistol SEC
xx0009dc M3A1 “Grease Gun” SMG 10mm/.45
xx0009df RPG-7 Rocket Launcher Mis/Rkt
xx000a25 Plasma Grenade
xx000c6e SIG Sauer 14mm Pistol 14mm


xx000a2c Red Ryder Limited Edition BB
xx000a31 FN FAL HPFA .308
xx0008f2 MEC Gauss Minigun 2mm EC


xx000bc9 4.7mm Caseless
xx000bca 2mm EC
xx000bd5 HN Needle
xx000bd6 .303
xx000c6b 14mm

Skill Books and combat aids

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, Barter,00034042
Nikola Tesla and You, Energy Weapons, 00034041
Duck and Cover!, Explosives, 0006a80c
Guns and Bullets, Guns, 0003403e
Tumblers Today, Lockpick, 00034046
D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, Medicine, 00034043
Grognak the Barbarian, Melee Weapons, 00034040
Dean’s Electronics, Repair, 0003403d
Big Book of Science Science, 0003403c
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual Sneak, 00034045
Lying, Congressional Style, Speech, 00034044
Wasteland Survival Guide, Survival, 00160227
Pugilism Illustrated, Unarmed, 0003403f

Stealth Boy; sneak +100, stealth field +75: 00043e94
Med-X; +25 Damage Resistance for 4 min (8 with chemist perk): 00050f8f
Jet; +15 Action Points for 4 minutes: 00015164
Psycho; +25% Damage for 4 minutes: 00015166
Steady; Reduces weapon spread to 0.0 for 1 min: 000ced8c
Rebound; Regenerates +5 Action Points per second for 1 minute: 000cea5f
Mentats; +2 Intelligence for 4 minutes +2 Perception for 4 minutes +1 Charisma for 4 minutes: 00015165
Party Time Mentats; +2 Intelligence for 1 minute +2 Perception for 1 minute +5 Charisma for 1 minute: 00146ccb


Command: player.addperk (ID)
Black Widow,+10% damage to the opposite sex and unique dialogue options with certain characters.: 00094eb8
Lady Killer,+10% damage to the same sex and unique dialogue options with certain characters.: 00094eb9

Cherchez La Femme, +10% damage to the opposite sex and unique dialogue options with certain characters: 001361b3
Confirmed Bachelor , +10% damage to the same sex and unique dialogue options with certain characters.: 001361b4

Friend of the Night,Your eyes adapt quickly to low-light conditions.: 00165118

Heave, Ho!, +50% thrown weapon velocity and range.: 0014609c

Hunter, In combat, you do 75% more critical damage against animals and mutated animals.: 00135f18

Intense Training,You can put a single point into any of your SPECIAL attributes.: 00044cb1

Rapid Reload,All of your weapon reloads are 25% faster than normal.: 001377fd

Retention, Skill magazines last for 3 real-time minutes.: 0010f09e

Swift Learner, You gain an additional 10% whenever experience points are earned.: 00031dd3

Run ‘n Gun, Halved spread with one-handed ranged weapons while walking or running.: 0014609d

Travel Light.While wearing light armor or no armor, you run 10% faster.: 00146096

Bloody Mess, +5% overall damage; more violent death animations.: 00094eba

Demolition Expert, +20% damage with explosives.: 00031dab

Pack Rat, items weighing less then 2lbs weigh half that.: 0014609b

Fortune Finder , Considerably more bottle caps will be found in stockpiles.: 00031de3

Gunslinger, +25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with one-handed weapons.: 00094ebb

Lead Belly, -50% radiation taken from food and water sources.: 00044ca9

The Professional,Your sneak attack criticals with revolvers, pistols, and submachine guns (guns and energy weapons) all inflict an additional 20% damage.: 00165aec

Toughness, +3 DT permanently.: 00031de0

Vigilant Recycler, When using Energy Weapons, you are twice as likely to recover drained ammunition. You also have more efficient recycling recipes available at workbenches.: 00165816

Commando, +25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with two-handed weapons.: 00099828

Scrounger, Considerably more ammunition in stockpiles.: 00031daa

Strong Back, +50 Carry Weight.: 00031dde
Burden to Bear, +50 carry weight.: xx00c250

Finesse, +5% Critical Chance.: 00094ec1

Math Wrath, Reduces all AP costs by 10%.: 00135ec3

Plasma Spaz, AP costs for all plasma weapons are reduced by 20%.: 00165aef

Fast Metabolism, +20% Hit Points restored with stimpaks.: 00094ebf

Hit the Deck, +25 DT against explosives.: 001651b6

Life Giver, +30 hit points.: 00031db1

Silent Running, Running no longer factors into a successful sneak attempt.: 00031db3

Sniper, 25% more likely to hit the target’s head in V.A.T.S.: 00031db4

Splash Damage, Explosives have a 25% larger area of effect.: 00165af0

Adamantium Skeleton, Damage taken by limbs reduced by 50%.: 00094ec4

Center of Mass, In V.A.T.S., you do an additional 15% damage when targeting the torso.: 00165182

Chemist, Chems and (in Hardcore) stimpaks last twice as long.: 0009982d

Jury Rigging, Repair any item using a roughly similar item.: 00165815

Light Step, Floor traps or mines will not be set off.: 00031db7

Explorer, All locations are marked on your map.: 00031de5

Laser Commander, You do an extra 15% damage and have a 10% extra chance to critically hit with any laser weapon.: 00165789

Lord Death, Deal an extra +1%/+2%/+4% damage to all enemies.: 0015eae4

Power Armor Training, Ability to wear all power armor variants.: 00058fdf

Nerves of Steel, 20% faster AP regeneration: 000e2c49

Slayer, The speed of all your melee and unarmed attacks is increased by 30%: 00165446

Infiltrator, Can make one more attempt to pick a broken lock: 00044cb0

Computer Whiz, Can make one extra attempt to hack a locked-down terminal: 00031dc4

Weapon Handling, Weapon Strength requirements are now 2 points lower than normal for you: 00146097

Chem Resistant, Half as likely to get addicted: 00099827

Better Criticals, +50% damage with critical hits: 00031dbb

Action Boy, +15 AP: 00031dba
Action Girl, +15 AP: 0007b202

Robotics Expert, +25% damage to robots; can shut down robots by sneaking up on them and deactivating: 00031dc2

Animal Friend, On 1st rank, hostile animals become friendly. On 2nd rank they come to your aid against enemies except against other animals: 00031db5

Pyromaniac, 50% more damage with fire weapons: 00031db2

Begin Legacy Content
Barkskin, +5 Damage Resistance: 00035e04

Dream Crusher, Reduces an enemy’s chance to critically hit you by 50%: 00030feb

Wired Reflexes, +10% hit chance in V.A.T.S: 00024d5c

You Have to enter all four IDs to get full effect
Survival Guru, +6% Poison and Radiation Resistance, +15 HP, +6 Medicine, +6 Science, +6% DR +6 Sneak, +6 Speech, +3% Critical Chance: (0002d3a0), (000331dc), (000331dd), (000331de), (000331df)
End Legacy Content

DLC Perks

DM=Dead Money
LR=Lonesome Road
HH=Honest Hearts
OWB=Old Wolrd Blues
GRA=Gun Runner’s Arsenal
perk name, effects, DLC: ID

Hobbler, Your chance to hit an opponent’s legs in V.A.T.S. is increased by 25%, DM: xx011469

Heavyweight, Weapons with a weight of more than 10 are cut in half. This does not affect weapons modded to under 10 wg, DM: xx011468

And Stay Back, Shotguns have a 10% chance, per pellet, of knocking an enemy back, DM: xx00f218

Old World Gourmet, +25% addiction resistance. +50% health bonus from snack foods. Scotch, vodka and wine now give you health in addition to their normal effects, DM: xx00f96f

Light Touch, While wearing light armor you gain +5% critical hit chance and your enemies suffer a -25% critical hit chance, DM: xx00e87b

Junk Rounds, You can craft ammunition using scrap metal and tin cans, DM: xx00fb6a

Fight the Power!, +2 Damage Threshold and +5% Critical chance against anyone wearing NCR, Legion or Brotherhood of Steel armor, HH: xx00f67c

Grunt, 25% more damage with 9mm pistols and SMGs, .45 pistols and SMGs, service rifles, assault and Marksman carbines, light machine guns, frag grenades, grenade rifles and launchers and combat knives, HH: xx00f677

Home on the Range, Whenever you interact with a campfire, you have the option of sleeping, with all the benefits that sleep brings, HH: xx00b2f3

Sneering Imperialist, +15% Damage and +25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. to various tribal and raider characters, HH: xx00f67b

Tribal Wisdom, -50% limb damage from animals, mutated animals, and mutated insects, +25% to Poison resistance, ability to eat mutated insects in sneak mode, HH: xx00f679

Atomic!, In irradiated areas, +25% move and attack speed, +2 DT, +2 ST. With excess rad level, AP regen scales from 1.1 times to 1.5 times normal, OWB: xx008011

Them’s Good Eatin’, Any living creature you kill has a 50% chance to have the potent healing items thin red paste or blood sausage when looted, OWB: xx0098c9

Implant GRX, You gain a non-addictive subdermal turbo (chem) injector. This perk may be taken twice, with the second rank increasing the effect from 2 to 3 seconds and the uses per day from 5 to 10 (activated in the Pip-Boy inventory), OWB: xx009d48

Ain’t Like That Now, Karma reset to 0, +25% AP regeneration rate, +20% attack speed, immunity to critical hits, LR: xx00a749

Alertness, +2 Perception when crouched and still, LR: xx00c252

Broad Daylight, No Sneak penalty for using Pip-Boy light, LR: xx00a6df

Burden to Bear, +50 carry weight, LR: xx00c250

Certified Tech, +25% critical hit chance against robots, 85% chance of finding an extra crafting component on destroyed robots, LR: xx00a6de

Irradiated Beauty, Sleep removes all Rads (Hardcore: only -100 Rads), LR: xx00c255

Lessons Learned, +1% XP gain per player level, LR: xx00c256

Roughin’ It, Sleeping outside gives Well Rested benefit, LR: xx00c251

Thought You Died, +10 Health per 100 Karma; Karma reset to 0, +10% damage, immunity to critical hits, LR: xx00c24e

Tunnel Runner, +25% sneaking speed when wearing light or no armor, LR: xx00c258

Walker Instinct, +1 Perception and Agility when outside, LR: xx00c254

Mad Bomber, Enables you to create special explosive recipes at any workbench, GRA: xx00092e

Weapon Mods

Not everything is listed here

9mm Pistol
Extended mags: 000eed3d
Scope: 000eed3c

10mm Pistol
sliencer: 00129878
extended mags: 0010c858