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Very Good Starting Seed for the Latest Update (GUIDE) for Muck

Very Good Starting Seed for the Latest Update (GUIDE)


Very good starting seed for the latest update, since the latest update doesnt support the overpowered seeds in the past update


Seed: 12323212

Contents of the Seed:

As you start, you will immediately find a small hut, 3 old chests (free), the small hut has a furnace, gold pickaxe, iron helmet, and some bread, this gives you access to mithril, which you can find near the spawn point. Iron is easy to get as it spawns near the hut with the furnace, gold is also nearby the hut and there is also a randomly generated cave nearby with a few huts nearby as well, you can get iron there and more advanced materials such as rubies, obamium, and adamantite.


TLDR: You get 3 free chests, early access to furnace, early access to gold and mithril and adamantite, all types of wood are nearby, all ores are close, randomly generated cave spawns nearby with obamium and rubies and more, early access to materials for the boat.

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