The Forest of Doom Guide

Walkthrough for The Forest of Doom



Here you´ll find:1. how to get the ending with both hammer pieces2. how to get most of the achievementsI really just put in what you have to do for the Ending and the Achievments – there is much more to find, but i wont spoil that. I had a lot of fun running through it and having another adventure every time.I´m sorry for all mistakes you might find, but im not a native english speaker.

the Map

Overview of the forrest map:

How to get both Hammer Pieces

This is the route you´ll have to take. For what is where, you can look up the Map, as i will be Using the same numbering system as there. I´ll be mentioning only the places along the way you really have to visit.

1. Yaztromos Tower

Here you will have to buy some things you need for this route:
– Glove of Missile Dexterity
– Armband of strengh
– Holy Water
but you also should take some provisions / health potion.

Crossing: go east

2. Crow

You can ignore the crow, just go north

11. Ogre Cave

– examine the cave
– throw a rock (the glove will be used here)
– take a look at the creature
– unlock the cage; you´ll have to fight the goblin (4 ST / 5 SK)
after the fight you´ll get +1 Luck and the “Handle of the Hammer”

13. Trap

Test of Luck
– lucky: you can go on
– unlucky: you´ll have to give away some gold or an item so you can go on.

Crossing: go west

Crossing: go north (automated)

Crossing: go west

21. Hunter

– face the dogs
– start conversation
– carry on conversation
you´ll get some “Belladonna” – you´ll need it later

Crossing: go west

20. Strongman

– enter hut
– accept challenge (the armband will be used here)
you´ll get the “Dust of Levitation”

Crossing: go north

24. River Crossing

you can do two things here:
-cross river with the boat, you´ll lose all your provisions
– walk down steps
– walk through sheet of water
– fight fishman (6 ST / 7 SK), you get nothing, but have crossed the river

28. Werewolf

-fight Werewolf (9 ST / 8 SK)
if you didn´t get wounded, you get +1 Luck
if you did get wounded, you use the “Belladonna” and lose -2 Stamina.

Crossing: go east

35. Cavemen

– Test of Luck, lucky the arrow misses, unlucky you lose -3 Stamina (thanks to Mary the Painting).
– attack them
– fight the two men (5 ST / 7 SK and 4 ST / 6 SK)
you´ll get a “small key”

Crossing: go west

Crossing: go west (automated)

Crossing: go north

48. Crypt

– examine building
– use “small key”
– go down
– light candle
– lift stone slab
– use “Dust of Levitation”
– use “Holy Water”
you get +25 Gold and the “Hammer Head”

Crossing: go west (automated)

52. Bandits

you can do two things here
– pay them 5 items from your invetory (1 gold = 1 item)
or you can
-fight the Bandits
1. (6 ST / 8 SK)
2. (6 ST / 7 SK)
3. (4 ST / 6 SK)
4. (5 ST / 7 SK)
5. (6 ST / 5 SK)
then you get +2 gold

53. End


Lucky Luke – be lucky in a “Test your Luck” roll
– as the name says; you´ll get that by playing the game

Hoom Hoom – Escape Darkwood Forest
– as the name says; you´ll get that by playing the game

Apotropaic Saviour – Use an aromatic bulb to ward off a night terror
– you need to buy the “Garlic Buds” – then go to 29.

Over the Top – Win an arm-wrestling contest
– you need to buy the “Armband of strengh” – then go to 20 and accept the challenge.

Deagle Deagle Deagle – Kill a creature who hates ´bwight light´
– thanks to hansdendrummer i can add that one now ^^ – you have to kill the two gremlins inside the well at 40

Cover Star – Fight the iconic Shapechanger
– go to 8 and fight.

Unlucky Barman – Be unlucky in a ´Test your Luck´roll
– you´ll get that by playing the game

Mr. Kessler – Suffer at the hands of lycantropy
– go to 28 but don´t bring the “Belladonna” from 21.

Flukey Fluting – Tame a flying beast with music
– go to 50 and bring the “tiny brass flute” from 5 -> you´ll have to “meet” and then fight two Hobgoblins (6 ST / 6 SK and 7 ST / 5 SK), they´ll drop it.

Forty-thousand Cheers – Find the two halves of the dwarfish hammer
– follow the walkthrough

Leaping Lord – Bounce your way out of trouble
– buy the “Boots of Leaping” and go to 34

Eggsplode – Face a barrage of eggshell splinters
– go to 32, enter hut, wooden chest, smash it – find exploding egg

Earth Wind – Release an Earth Elemental on to the world
– go to 38 and drop the vase, but don´t bring a “Potion of Stillness”

Demon Lord – Find your new destiny
– that one´s a little tricky, as you need really high stats for Stamina and Skill and it´s also really long. go to 42 and fight the Pterodactyl (8 ST / 7 SK). After that you can follow an arrow to the west, it will bring you to 45 (there is no other way to go there). Here you need a “Ring of Light” and a “Rope of Climbing” to go down. There you find a group of humanoids and funghi. eat a green one (+4 ST restored). go on. look inside the barrel an take the “Emperor´s Shild” (+1 Luck). Open the wooden chest (+8 gold and +1 Luck). Dont enter the alcove – pointless fight. Fight the Fire Demon (10 ST / 10 SK) and he does secondary damage with a W6 (1-2 = 1 damage / 3-6 miss). Put on the Crown, now you are the new Demon lord ^^

Confused Hippophile – Ride a strange looking horse
– go to 27 and talk to the Centaur, accept his offer

Adventure Win – Find the ultimate Ending in Medium mode
– follow the walkthrough

Ungrateful Dead – Help two souls out but be duped each time
– go to 3 and help the Bandit
– go to 22 and help the Barbarian
you can do that in different runs i think

Sell Out – Buy all of Yaztromo´s items
– buy all of his items
i think you just have to buy everything once, can be in different runs

Pfeiffer Berry – Fight a feline foe
– go to 46 and fight her -> you have to come from the side where the arrow points, from the other side you´ll not come across the catlady

Hulla Baloo – Fight a creature that has been darted
– go to 7 and find the creature

Gone Pear-shaped – Eat a strange fruit
– go to 6 and eat a fruit

Hardcore Hero Win – Find the ultimate ending in Hardcore mode
– follow the walkthrough

Happy Tuck – Return a brass bell to its owner
– go to 44 and start a conversation, you´ll need the “brass bell” from 33 -> use the “Net of of Entanglement” and pick up the bag, inside is the bell.

Cheater´s Win – Find the ultimate ending in Free Read mode
– follow the Walkthrough

What´s Up Doc – Wield a carrot as a deadly weapon
– go to 54 and “push” the gnome, then attack him and attack him again

Meddling Kids – reveal the truth about an individual
– go to 43, go inside, now you can do two things
1. attack him (i did it like that)
2. bring the “Eye of Ember” from 4 -> bring the “headband of concentration”, to look inside hut, go inside, talk, Test of Luck, search hut, pick up book, +1 Luck and “Eye of Ember”.

Manual Drive – Find all the Painted Canvas Pieces to unlock alternative Cover
1. go to 38 – investigate hut, put hand in Vase, feel around – canvas and some things
2. go to 47 – fight the dwarf – canvas an a bottle (+3 Stamina) -> coming from arrow on map
3. go to 33 – use net of entanglement grab the bag – canvas inside
4. go to 4 – bring the “headband of Concentration” -> thx to Matwyn for this info
i can only remember 3 of them, because i only started taking notes after the 5. run.

MacLean´s Aim – Be fired upon by arrows in four different encounters
1. go to 27 and attack the centaur
2. go to 40 and go into the well, crawl into tunnel, go west, go north, there you´ll be shot at
3. go to 18
4. go to 35

Dingle Dangle – get caught in an Ogre´s tree trap
go to 13 – you can´t miss that one

Back of the Net – successfully use the Net of Entanglement
– go to 33 and bring the “Net of Entanglement”

Art Lover – find all the artwork in the Forrest of Doom
– Visit every spot.