Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Walt Jr Build for Fallout: New Vegas

Walt Jr Build


Ever wanted to roleplay as walt jr from breaking bad? Well here you go


If you’ve ever wanted to play as walt jr from hit crime drama Breaking Bad than this guide is for you

This build will go over the basics like perks, weapons and what not so you can really feel like a cripple.

Step 1

First step: Cripple both your legs.

You can’t be walt jr without having crippled legs. This adds to the immersion and really makes you feel like walt jr.

Step 2

Step 2: Invest all of your special points into luck because you gotta be one lucky ♥♥♥♥♥ to survive this build

All the other special skills don’t matter, strength? Your a cripple. Agility? You’re not going anywhere. Luck is the only skill that matters.

Step 3

Step 3: This is the gear you’ll need

Armor: Doesn’t matter, just use any pre war clothing

Weapons: There are no crutches in the game so any melee weapon will do

Skills: Invest in melee weapons (walt jr won’t be shooting any guns) speech (so people can actually
understand you) and medicine i guess

Perks: Cannibal, Bloody Mess, Fortune Finder, Strong Back and Mysterious Stranger are the essentials

Traits: Small Frame and Claustrophobia if you own old world blues, if not then wild wasteland or something idk


Hopefully this guide was helpful