Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Ways to play Fallout : Le may-may kid for Fallout: New Vegas

Ways to play Fallout : Le may-may kid


Ways to play Fallout : Le may-may kid

♥♥♥♥ you’ll need to do

Your stats will be the following
S 4
P 8
E 5
C 2
I 10
A 10
L 1

You’ll choose the perks “Wild Wasteland” and “Four Eyes”.

You’ll need immediately have to find a pair of glasses and a cowboy hat which will be acting as a fedora. (You can always download a mod that adds a fedora into the game!). Wear light armor at the beginning and try to find a suit as fast as you can.

Your choice of followers will be Rex and ED-E, because robots.

You’ll be maxing these skills.

– Energy weapons
– Science
– Repair
– Medicine
– Sneak

Don’t even dare to touch skills like

– Guns
– Barter
– Survival
– Speech
– Anything combat related that’s not Energy Weapons

Gameplay rules

– Only weapons you are allowed to use are Energy weapons. Every other form of weaponry are FORBIDDEN.
– Join up with Yesman

About appearance

Try to make your character look like a may-may kid
(Something like this)