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What Mucks Rarest Seed Looks Like?!?! for Muck

What Mucks Rarest Seed Looks Like?!?!


This guide will show off some of mucks rarest seeds!

Calculating The Map’s Total Area

In general, most 3D games use something called coordinates (XYZ values) that tell the game where your player is located on the map. In muck, it does the same for enemies, placing blocks, where the ship is, and where your player is located.

Using some mods, we can place a block in the shape of a square around the entire map. For this example I used fence posts. Then we simply count one side of the square and we can get the total area of the square. This is the total XYZ values within the map.

Below is the game’s map. The red square is the total area. 1 Block = 1 XYZ Value.

Calculating Just Land Mass

Now that we know the maps total area, we need to find only the land mass. To do this I needed to separate the land pixels and the water pixels. Simple paint editor did the trick.

Now with some mods, I can count the total land pixels and the total water pixels. With this number we can grab the percentage of the land mass. Below is an image of the same map from above.

White pixels = possible player spawn locations (Land)
Black pixels = Water

The results of the black and white image are:

Total Pixels:
519357 Pixels
197610 Pixels (197610 / 519357 = 38.048%)
321747 Pixels (321747 / 519357 = 61.951%)

And we can use this as a ratio to find that our island has:

Island’s Area:
3806401 Blocks
1448279 Blocks (38.048% * 3806401)
2358122 Blocks (61.951% * 3806401)

Calculating The Chance Of Spawning On Boat

As we did with finding the maps total area, I did the same with the boat.
Boat’s Total Area: 5361 Blocks

To calculate the chance of spawning on a boat, we simply take the boat’s total area (5361 Blocks), and divide it by the map’s total land mass (2358122 Blocks). This comes out to a 0.0022% Chance!

Seeds Found!

Using some mods, I created a way to automatically generate a world, check if you are standing on a boat (Record seed if true), and repeat. Below is a list of ship seeds that were found from searching through 100,000 randomly generated seeds.

Seed: -48891019
Seed: -463600888
Seed: 492362502
Seed: -558135132
Seed: 617346804
BONUS SEED: -1784859029