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What To Do With Obamium for Muck

What To Do With Obamium


Ever wondered what to do with Obamium? So did I! I will tell you how I used it in my playthrough!

How to get Obamium

Step 1: Spawn
Step 2: Speed through wood, steel, and mythril
Step 3: Get an Adamatite pickaxe
Step 4: Spend the best years of your life mining Obamium (The purple rock)

What To Do After Acquiring Obamium

Step 1: Smelt all of your Obamium
Step 2: Realize that you can not craft anything with Obamium
Step 3: Forget to build armor because you thought you could build Obamium Armor
Step 4: It is Night
Step 5: Buff Gronk

Step 6: Uninstall

This guide may or may not have been based off of real events.

What To ACTUALLY Do With Obamium

How To Get Obamium
– You can only mine Obamium using an Adamantite Pickaxe

What To Do With Obamium

1. Craft The Night Blade
– 10 Obamium Bars (Can be acquired by smelting Obamium in a furnace)
– 15 Dark Oak Wood (This tree can only be mined using an Adamantite Axe)
– 1 Black Shard (Can only be acquired by killing a Guardian, however there is a very low chance that it will drop)

2. Rebuilding the ship
– Obamium is required to rebuild the core of the Ship which is used to escape Muck and fight Bob. When rebuilding the Ship, make sure to have 7 Obamium Bars or you’re pretty much screwed.