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Which Chest Is Best


A Scuffed guide for a scuffed game going over each of the different chests, their strengths and weaknesses, and which chest YOU should choose.


Upon playing this game for the first time, I looked around and saw a whole bunch of chests. I noticed how they each had different prices to open, and I began to wonder. Which one is the most desirable to unlock? After browsing the internet, I found others had the same question. Not wanting to waste my gold, I began an experiment. This guide is based on several test runs I did. Each run was in Creative mode on easy difficulty for ease of testing. But before we continue, I need to explain a bit about the chests in question.

Chest Types

Item rarity
There are 3 different types of Items you can get. White are the most common, and are mostly small stat boosts. Most blue items provide some kind of ability, like double jumping, or lifesteal. Finally we have orange items, which are very rare. These items are unique, and very valuable. They often provide some combination of an ability and stat boosts. For example, Adrenaline massively boosts attack speed and damage when you are below 30% health. These items are found in chests scattered throughout the world. There are 4 different chests in Muck: Black, Brown, Blue, and Orange.

Brown chests are the most common chest. They cost 25 coins to open, and are literally everywhere. They contain items of any rarity, with white being the most common.

Black chests are the rarest, but arguably the most valuable. Although these chests contain the same loot as brown chests, they cost no money to open, basically giving you free items. However since they cost 0 money, they do not apply to this guide, and I will avoid talking about them.

Blue chests are moderately rare. You will probably be able to see one from where ever you might be, but you will have to go out of your way to open one most of the time. These chests cost 100 coins to open. They contain blue and orange items, with blue being the most common.

Orange chests are the most rare. There are not many of these in the world, but they have some pretty fine loot stored within. These chests are worth 250 coins, making them quite an investment. They contain only orange items.

The Tests and the Results

Test #1

I first decided to test the brown chests, to decide If they were any good. My hypothesis was that they’re garbage. So I loaded up a world in creative and began crafting some tools.

I went with creative mode because even though you don’t get unlimited items, enemies don’t spawn, and more importantly, chest prices don’t increase. There are two ways to get gold in this gamemode, Summoning buff enemies from totems, and mining gold ore and turning it into gold coins. The goal is to open all of the chests in the world, which I did.

Overall, I opened 127 brown chests, which equals 3,175 gold spent. Out of all the items I obtained, 100 were white, 24 were blue, and 3 were orange. This means around 78.7% of item collected were white, 19.0% were blue, and 2.3% were orange. Assuming orange items are the most desired item, you would be spending around 1058 gold for each orange item. You would also be spending around 132 gold for each blue item.

Test #2

After getting hundreds of items in the previous test, I was ready to move on to blue chests. Since there were less blue chests then brown, I thought it would be faster. Boy was I wrong. In the other test, I was getting lots of sneakers and peanut butter, meaning I was running around at super sonic speeds. Blue chests don’t have those, so I spent over and hour and a half on this test, compared to the twenty minutes it took earlier. Most of that was desperately waiting for gold to smelt, and running out of stamina constantly. I did not get all the chests, because I ran out of gold, but I only left one or two, and I don’t want to repeat this experiment.

I swear the totems were mocking me. Dani, if you ever read this, give people in creative mode unlimited energy. please 🙁

Overall, I opened 42 blue chests, which comes out to 4,200 gold spent. 33 of the items were blue, and 9 were orange. This means around 78.6% of the items were blue, and 21.4% were orange. Assuming orange items are the most desired item, you would be spending around 467 gold for each orange item.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t really expect the results I did. there are 21 items in the game total, and I assumed brown chests picked randomly from that list. However it turns out they are massively favored to white items. Another interesting thing is that both brown and blue chests had a very similar chance to drop their chest colored item, meaning that there is probably some formula to work out, but I’m bad at math.

Brown chests are very inefficient at giving orange items, but white items are incredibly good. Sure, they probably don’t stack up one on one to a blue or orange item, But you can get a lot of them for incredibly cheap. 1 blue item is worth 4 white items, and one orange item is worth 2.5 blue items and 10 white items.

Blue chests do give some very great and OP Items (Dracula), but unfortunately, because of their lack of stat boosting power, they severely lack in quality.

Orange chests (unsurprisingly) have the best value for orange items available. These items on their own can give you incredible damage, but do not give health or movement upgrades. While you might move at a snail’s pace, and die in one hit, so do the enemies. This already puts it above blue chests, which have more supportive abilities.

Honestly, the best option is an even mix between the 3. Brown chests are good for increasing health and movement speed, and generally everything in general, Blue chests are excellent at giving sustain, and providing numerous ways to prevent or heal from damage. Orange chests just give you a crap ton of damage. But this guide isn’t about the best strategy for chests, it’s about which chest is best. So without further ado,

The Verdict

Brown Chest!

If you go exclusively for one chest, make it brown. Unlike blue and orange, white items provide essential stats like movement speed and health. They unfortunately come in small amounts, but you won’t want to die trying to move across the world. Not to mention I ended up with way more gold in the first test (including the different amounts spent, I had a bunch of unsmelted gold), but that might be because of the seed.