Fallout: New Vegas Guide

why new vegas bestt fallout for Fallout: New Vegas

why new vegas bestt fallout


okay guys you know we are not stupid. we dont play fortnite because thats for stupid kids. we play good games becuz we not stuped.2day im gonna talk about best RPG gem falout new vages.

its RPG!!!!!!!!!!111

yuo must renber tat farout new vages is RPG. watsan RPG u ask um?? RPG is liek gaem with long talks. deep talks. like books. (if any of u guys actualy red boook plese confum.) but better than book vecuz it has secks and aktion. sum peopl say vedio geams shoud stop tricking kids into thinkin they are readin great story by wattering down narratives, okay boomer???? why not red bok insted???

(no shut the ♥♥♥♥ up kyle its rpg when i call it rpg, i dont need standard, tru gamers kno one wehn they see one, stop editing my giude)

yuor duud has nunmbers (skells n pERKs)

gaem has nunbers about yuor dood!!! its detaeld and conplex, so its good.

SEPCIAL is yuor dudes besic stats. how stronk u are? how smart u are? like that. A sign of TRUEE rpeg.

(shuut up kyle, PERcaption not dump stat (wat does tat evn meen) its veery importnant, tehres like 3 percatpion check. also what is this mentats thing yuo talk about, i heread usign drugs in this game make yuo go through many stageas of addiction, so i never used it)

skills are nunbers and this internet nue vegas expert dude (watchod nu vages strem 100 teims) said chaeng of singel nunmbers make dammage deferent. conpare dis to fellout 4 (FAKE RPG also CHIENISE SPYWARE!!!!1) where it hass no skills and turrned it into perk!!!1

(no shut the ♥♥♥♥ up kyle, there are menningful defference betwen lockpicking 25 and 27. also cowboy n grunt r not lazy dmg increase perk, becuz it has tehme and its from RPG!!!1)

my faevorite is intimedating pregnance perk. yuor dude so scary with this perk, if you use perk, peple run! ha ha! funny!! xD

(no kyle its not glorified speech check, its totelly worth it)

menny kool wepons

this game has bestest wepon in farout university, ANTI METAREAL RIFLE! wen you fier it goes like BOOM and enemie SPLATT

(stop talking about dee pee ass kyle, no one is interesseted in yuor dee pee ass ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, no one taks about nunbers when yuo play vibeo ganes)

allso RIOTE SHOTGUN…!!!1 the wepon to desstory metal gaer… vehry powereful, vehy good, ex cetra.

(okeh yuo need twu perkss to use it properly, so what?? that is what maeks neuw vegas make one of best rpg in da wrolded.)

alsso dontt forget abuot gun runners arsenal, yuo get menny kool wepons!! defenietly not laezy DLC becausese its done by OBSIDNIAN, so its not lazy and greedy okeh?




ranger armor is so cool look at that ranger look and armor look and think about how coool it is, thinking about makes it even cool, yuo have 5 varreinte in this game, all cool, i even made cool ranger companion mod for teh game (not for fallout 4 because that game is hsit haha ahaha)

(ummm peple ask why NCR sent riot control in divied? maybe shut up? this single person OBSIDIANIAN own lore not badthesdEA, and gameplay more important than lore when good devs do it, so shut up nerd)

also yuo have poweer amrnors, tehy cool two.

deep faction paulie or sophie

“I uosed hegelian”

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ DID CEASER JUST QUOTE OLD PERSON WHO WROTE BOOK? this qutoete alone show how deep and conmplex neuw vegas facktion paulie or sophie is deep. menwhaile fallout 4 is like X HATE NESWEPAPER HAHA

2 be fair faliout 4 has “are robots peple” quesstion. but i watched rad pilled yuotube and know this is cultural marxist propaganda to make u think clolored people r human tooo. SJW DETTECTED ON AMERICANN SOIL! (a quote from liberty primee)

cesaer is good, NCR is like amercica led by SJWs, but smart people know yuo should folo house. he has tec and moni. hell make vegas grate again somehow, it just works (toddd howard qutote!!! xD funni because all his games deossnt work but this game works all the time, you had bugs when you played 1.0? okay boomer)

tragicc backstoryed

badthesdEA SABOTAGED OBSIDIANVILLE water supply with posiion, menny people dieded when they wake up and drinked the water (because they were thirsty since they just woke up)

they killeded good stuffs in productin stage and added bugs into the game (not the cazadore haha if you pleyed the game yuo will get the referendum) and game got bad metascore (perfect and flawless way to gauge the game, but they have flaws since some pople didn’t not give wetcher 3 100 poynts.)

they never teach you about thisses at school because ISRAEL is involved and globalb powers DEUS EX warned us about !!!!!!!

this game could ave gone better. play OUTER WORLDS. game is perfect like new vegas and makes you think like new vegas and it plays like new vegas oh god oh frick new vegas new vegas new vegas…. AAAAAAAAAHA GONNA CHUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

(optional) u dont even have to play the game

sometiems people on thirdest person perspeective know better. and i agree on this perspective because some people who playeded new vegas dare say that it’s not that good (gasp) !!!11 oakay yuo played new vegas for 500 hundred hours… but yuo also played fallout 4? and 76?!!!!!!1 yuor part of moldy canvas bag 1st gamer massacre, and failed tru farout fan vibe check. get out.

yuo dont need to play the game itself. watch reveiws and lets plays from unbiased true farout fans. menny of new vegas fans never play the gaem again because people who play it too often tend to spread fake news about game, like kyle.

renber. its just like skyrim. if game is hot meme yuo succ it dry. when its dry you name it cringe the cringe and spit on it until it dies. okeh??


here are rack commented mods for yuor favoritet vibeo gane

PROJECT NEVADA is so duckign cool. yuo can serpint, boolit teim, eteterat. also u get hemlet visors. kyle tell me modd casue issueses and such, but he was last seen with U-KNO-HOWARD, thretning an family to buy skyrim or theyll get burned aleiv, so yuo shodnt trust kyle

REAL LIFE WEAPPON MODS are fkcuking grate and fits relaly well with sereis, because classick game had this real weapon so why not have yuor favorite AK with tacticool stuff on it hmmmm???

WAIFU MODS because research issues xD then u ask “why not play real animem game instead” ummm duck yuo?? i do what i want, bethsides animem ganes meak my pp 2 hard, an we only kno onlyn coomers faep

GARPHIC UPDETA mods NOT becasue “game old and looks leik ♥♥♥♥” umm prety suure you were takilgn about failout 3, yuo nedd garphic mods for neu vegis becsue moddign base is stronk adn any garphic mods are gallanted 2 maek gaem look butter

RABELANCE MODS becasue badthesdEA sabot aged this geam with rebel scalping bulsit, n SERSISAUCELY hab u seen Hpee of hihg level ghost peple???? instel balluncing mods 2 make enmemy dye from 1 hedasot. poblem fxied.

JSAWYER becsaue swayer always rghit


sum modses are literall blarghspammy!!!!!!111

NEW VEGAS BOUNTIES by SOMEGUY is just terry bill! mods stroy meak yuo question resalts of yuor acteions (just liek wolly siss from loansome lord, sounds “too real booky” insted of “show off to my not normie friends booky”) , meak u paly pzuzzles and actualy think abot celver soltuions for shihtzu asians, and hess no persu ade option for final boss?? umm is this joek? also enmy 2 stronk, not affleckted by pair and balansed rebalens mods

Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW) is also a big NO! fellout 3 plus neue vegass??? who would watned that?? asso yuo cant play it with PROJECT NEVADE (PELITZ NAVIDA) bigg shame, also menny mods not uncompantyable, no reson 2 paly dis

CONELRAD becus old songs r cringe and dseont fit faleout unveires

TWEAKED jsawyer.esp mods. y u change smething always fair and perfect??? all americo dont fit grunt perk theme, cassino anticheat delay complitly justefiyed, at uthera, sawyer has wisdom of cazaclaw, sawyer alive in zion make fast rap.