Fallout: New Vegas Guide

XP farming for Fallout. for Fallout: New Vegas

XP farming for Fallout.


Low on XP?Weapon condition low?This is how you can get both!


The location of this area is around the east entrance of freeside is where you have to go to start farming.If you haven’t gotten there,watch this:

Start the farming.

First,you get into freeside.sleep in one of the beds in the first building on the right,and sleep for exactly 24hours.grab a book or tablet or something.After that,once you wake up,go straight until you reach the last building on the right.then turn,and you will find a thug/group of thugs.Repeat the steps until you call it quits.

That’s It.

Easy step to get that perk you really like or find a weapon that you have and can repair.