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Cazador 2-The Cazaclaw for Fallout: New Vegas

Cazador 2-The Cazaclaw


So you thought my first guide about Cazadors was bad/spooky/intresting.Well your in for a suprise as its time to teach you how to beat the most feared creature in the wasteland.The Cazaclaw. Welcome ladys and gents to my new guide Cazador 2-The Cazaclaw. Have Fun. Also Big shoutout to the Creator of this fantastic mod MissMorose.Any Pictures of the CazaClaw are from him.I am not the creator of this mod.All Glory goes to MissMorose.Now LET THE FUN BEGIN.

The Orgins of the evil-The Cazaclaw Story

Come and sit traveler.For I have a tale to tell about the most feared creature in the wastes the Cazaclaw. Nothing is known of its birth or how it came into this world.Some say nature just wanted to throw in another creature into the ecosystem.But most doubt it cause it eats everything and likes nothing.So its kinda like satanbot 9000 on cocaine.Either way these things spread across the wasteland and just killed and reproduced everywhere.At this time they started to make dens and settle down.Ever since they are not seen unless hunting.No one knows what happens in these dens, for all we know they are having rave partys and drinking themselves to death.How should i know im a old man telling random storys about satanic creatures in the wastes.But now i see that you scared and afraid. First here is a soft moist towel to calm yourself.Second time to teach you what to do if you ever encounter such a awful creature.

Section 2-Hunting the devil

Now your prob thinking what could kill such a thing.Well most people say they are unkillable.But I have seen them killed.Your best choice is to somehow make a gun that shoots mini nukes at a speed of a minigun.Of course no thing like that is possible so time to go conventinal.The secret weapon. MINES.Yes mines will be your friend.Now you might ask well they got wings they will fly over it.But because the main body is as heavy as a 2 ton truck it cant fly.So mines will be your best friend .But fair warning thats not all.Now that the bastard is crippled you can finish it off with any choice of gun you wish.And i swear to god if i hear you died cause you used a pistol im going to find you grave and pimp slap you back into its den.Also extra tip if you wish to hide your mines i recomend to use a wet towel.They seem to be attracted to them and they will pick up the land mine with the towel.

Section 3-Your reward

Now that you have killed this evil creature.It is time for your reward.Gut the creature and cut off its head.Spitshine it and mount it on your wall.You have done somthing that most men or woman could never do.You have walked into the valley of death and come back as a new human being.Congratz.
“Buzz Buzz Buzz” Hem that noise. I think its time to pack up.Goodbye friend.Good Luck !

Section 4-End and Credits.

Well thank you everyone for reading my guide.This was a sequal to my first guide Cazador.First off Big shoutout to MissMorose this was a great mod and i had fun making this little guide.Now to be honest this guide is not as good as my first one so im very sorry. I wish i could have made somthing better.Very sorry }:.But either way thank all of you for taking the time to read it till the end and also a big thank you to the mod creator.Thank all of you {: