Bad Rats Show Guide

Bad Rats Show Level Passwords

Bad Rats Show Level Passwords for Bad Rats Show

Overview Passwords for all the levels in Bad Rats Show How to input passwords First Launch the game Then go to Options and then click on Password You may then enter a password from below Passwords Chapter I: Learning to be Bad #1 FIRST #2 MS-DOIS #3 MICROWAVING #4 QUATRILHO #5 SUPERGLUE #6 BROKENBONE #7 … Read moreBad Rats Show Level Passwords

Easy Way to defeat Javier Jaguar

Easy Way to defeat Javier Jaguar for Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Overview Easy Boss and Achievement How to do it : Hey this guide will show you how you can easily defeat Javier Jaguar! 😀 Hey dieser Guide wird dir zeigen wie du Jaguar Javier ganz einfach besiegen kannst! 😀 You just have to buy and equip the Pollo-Luchador skin who slowly regenerates life. Ihr müsst … Read moreEasy Way to defeat Javier Jaguar

How to KILL in Assassins Creed 3

How to KILL in Assassins Creed 3 for Assassin's Creed® III

Overview how to kill THE KILL HOW TO KILL step one: spawn step two: take out your hidden blade step three: kill him made by some dude on youtube if you wanna donate please press this


防御模式过24晚指南 for Yet Another Zombie Defense HD

Overview 开始前5关等电锯打折买4把,如果第5关不打折也买4把不然抗不到15关。13,14,15关是个难点4人找个角落2人一组把边守好。前十五关一直用电锯,节约一切资源。物品只买防御路障,狙击枪,高级自动炮台。(注意这些物品都在打折时屯货)过24关需要16炮台20把狙击。20关后可以人手一把狙,前23关都可以摆梅花阵(放一个路障空一个)24晚就把防御布满地图.这种方法只能打过24。求大神出后续方法现在还在破25关。 防御模式过24晚指南 开始前5关等电锯打折买4把,如果第5关不打折也买4把不然抗不到15关。13,14,15关是个难点4人找个角落2人一组把边守好。前十五关一直用电锯,节约一切资源。物品只买防御路障,狙击枪,高级自动炮台。(注意这些物品都在打折时屯货)过24关需要16炮台20把狙击。20关后可以人手一把狙,前23关都可以摆梅花阵(放一个路障空一个)24晚就把防御布满地图.这种方法只能打过24。求大神出后续方法现在还在破25关。