Rising Spire

Rising Spire

About This Game

Born from our love for timeless classics such as Final Fantasy and Persona, Rising Spire takes you on an epic journey through the harsh world of Malus – a world of danger and mystery; of lies and deceit; of hope and friendship. What was once a mere playground for the Gods, may now prove to be the very source of their destruction.

You play as Atlas, a young warrior raised and trained by the mysterious hermit Lilith. You know your path, your purpose, your blade – but when the Corruption starts spreading, you must investigate its source and destroy it. Uncovering the truth may prove to be darker than expected.

Enter the lands of Malus and discover its secrets. Hone your skills in battle, master new weapons, explore the wilderness and build strong, unforgettable relationships with those you meet. For building bonds may very well prove to be one of the most important things along your journey.

Key Features

  • Trudge through dangers as you explore new lands

From forests to swamps and deserts, brave the dangers of each region, chat up the locals, take a walk through the wilderness and seek its knowledge

  • Master powerful weapons in classic turn based combat

Craft new weapons or earn them along the way – use them to slay your enemies in a reactive turn-based combat system inspired by the JRPGs of the ‘90s

  • Create strong bonds with new characters as you learn their stories

Spending time with those around you, listening to them and helping them out will not simply deepen your relationship, but it may also grant you access to new locations, useful items or even a much needed ally in battle.

  • The RPG without a quest log

Adventure is about exploration and defining your own path, not checklists! Trade in your old musky quest log for an immersive journal focused story progression system.