The Mechanical Room VR

The Mechanical Room VR

About This Game

The Mechanical Room is a single player VR game that has 3 mini games which are called Archery, Shooting and Smash. Each game gets harder to play as you progress.

The game is set in a futuristic/sci-fi room where you will face different types of robots that come your way and you must destroy them to progress. The entire game is set to be in a gigantic room which automatically sends enemies to destroy you. The game is designed to be endless so the enemy’s will keep coming and the game is to see, ‘How long can you survive?’


You will find yourselves holding a bow and arrow that are technologically superior to take down robots, unlike your usual arrows, they will be able to pierce their armour. You will find the robots to be constantly moving from one place to another and thus would require you to constantly readjust your aim.


You will find yourself holding a shotgun which is technologically superior to take down the robots, unlike your usual shotgun, they will help you to take them down. These robots will come running towards you but (hint) will not attack until they are very close.


You will find yourself holding a bat which is just like any other bat however, it will help you defend against many automated machines which will fire cannon balls aimed at you and you must hit and avoid as many as you can.