Shonen Idle Z Guide

Shonen Idle Z - What you should do for the 100% for Shonen Idle Z

Shonen Idle Z – What you should do for the 100%


Just my recommendation to complete the game at 100%

Shonen Idle Z

So, the most important thing to know, when you kill the 40th boss, the game automatically reset to a NG+, you can not avoid the reset, and you will lose all you stats :

—– What you will lose :

– Current KI
– Total training points
– Total monsters killed
– Time played
– Total bosses killed
– XP
– Every SP (Latent, active and party)
— Everything will be 0 after the NG+
– Every party members
– Training will be reset to nothing

—– What you will keep :

– Dragon Soul
– Completed missions
– Unlocked clothes
– Unlocked pets
– Unlocked accessories


—– What is the problem ?

If you played 4 months and unlocked the “Play 4 months”, then do a NG+ game, you will have to play from 0, that mean play again 5 month to unlock the “Play 5 months” achievement

Same for the number of kills, if you did 7 millions, you will have to do it again from 0


What i recommend

Here is my recommendation, when you killed the 39th boss, reincarnate and complete the S missions :


Pink : Easy missions, You will got them before reaching level 400

– Attack Mastery IX (Get 1.OC Attack points)
– Attack Mastery X (Get 1.NO Attack points)
– Monster Leveler XIII (Reach Monster Level 350)
– KI Control XIII (Gain 1.TD Global KI)
– KI Control XIV (Gain 1.DD Global KI)
– KI Control XV (Gain 1.QAD Global KI)


Yellow : Missions i recommend you to complete before kill the 40th boss

– Gold Digger X (Collect 300 Treasure Chests)
– Monster Killer XV (Kill 8.M Monsters)
– Boss Destroyer XV (Kill 1500 Bosses)
– Time Master X (Play 5 Months)
– Trainer XV (Have 150.K Training Points)
– Prestigious X (Gain 2500 Shonen Power)


Green : Same missions as yellow, but lower stats necessary, you will complete them by doing the yellow missions

– Gold Digger IX (Collect 200 Treasure Chests)
– Monster Killer XIII (Kill 6.M Monsters)
– Monster Killer XIV (Kill 7.M Monsters)
– Boss Destroyer XIII (Kill 1100 Bosses)
– Boss Destroyer XIV (Kill 1250 Bosses)
– Time Master IX (Play 4 Months)
– Trainer XIII (Have 110.K Training Points)
– Trainer XIV (Have 130.K Training Points)
– Prestigious IX (Gain 1337 Shonen Power)


Black : Missions you should do while killing the 40th boss. Having a 10th party member cost 512 SP, Take a 10th before a NG+ is nice, because you will lose every other party member and every SP

– Party Time IX (Get 9 Party Companion)
– Party Time X (Get 10 Party Companion)


Blue : Missions i recommend you to do after the 40th Boss

– Like A Boss IV (Defeat The 40th Boss)
– Monster Leveler XIV (Reach Monster Level 400)
– Monster Leveler XV (Reach Monster Level 450)
– Clotherer IX (Collect 27 Clothers)
– Clotherer X (Collect 30 Clothers)
– Friendly IX (Collect 27 Pets)
– Friendly X (Collect 30 Pets)
– Collector V (Complete Collection At 100%)
– The Achiever V (Complete All Rank S Missions)


—– Why i recommend you to do the Clotherer/Friendly at the end ?

The 40th Boss drop the last accessorie, “Angel wings”

You will drop a DS every 4 hours (you need to keep the game open) Use it to unlock the collection

After the NG+, you should take 2 new party member :

Mikka : And Don Bobon
(- XX Seconds to chest respawn (Random DS Drop))
(- XX% To get an extra DS)

The only thing you need now is collection, you don’t really need other party member


About monster kills

A bad detail about this game, kills are not counted in offline, you need to keep the game open….

The best you can do in low area is :

375 Kills per minute

22.500 Kills per hour

540.000 Kills per day

3.780.000 Kills per week

That mean you need to keep your game open for 14 days and 20 hours…….

I hope you are motivated for the 100%