Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Cazador-How to beat it for Fallout: New Vegas

Cazador-How to beat it


I will teach you how to beat the most feared bug in the waste the CAZADOR

Cazador-The Encounter

You are on a dusty trail walking and then down the far road you see it you hear it and it sees you. The cazador has spotted you you must stand still and not break eyecontact if you do he will bumrush you with 65 of his other cazador friends and murder you.

Cazador-The Final Step

This is your final step its the only way to win. The cazador army has surrounded you. you only have one option you must lay down your arms and leave. You now must drop all your items leave and go home and cry in to a soft wet towel then the circle of life will be complete

That is all

You now know how to deal with the cazador