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JOIN a Multiplayer for Tomb Raider

JOIN a Multiplayer


Join multiplayerHave already asked several times this type of guide since for most it is very difficult to find people playing multiplayer either by the connection, the place where the servers are or simply because it does not find games in a normal way.Here are a few tricks you can use to find multiplayer games.1.- Your connection must be at least 10mb / s2.- It is preferable to have direct connection because the wifi tends to have low and high that can ruin the connection when entering the server3.- If you have TB with DLC`s of lara suits and weapons of hitman it is convenient to deactivate them in order to find more possibilities of a game not in progress4.- Time is important do not wait more than 4 minutes cancel and re-enter games in multiplayer, sometimes the server delay makes your profile spin without doing something.And last but most important of all will give you the schedules in which I have found multiplayer games without any inconvenience remember that you must make the conversion according to your schedule where you are and set the time according to that schedule.Example: I play from Monday to Friday at 10am and my schedule is GTM-6Answer: I live in Sinaloa would only be 2 hours apart if I rest that 2 hours and at the time GTM-6 to my schedule would be 8am.Server Hours:All times GTM-6Monday: 10am 11am 12pm 4pm 6pmTuesday: 10am 11.30am 3pm 7pm 11pmWednesday: 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 4pm 6pm 8pmThursday: 2PM 5PM 7.30PM 9PM 10PM 11PMFriday: 9am to 10am 8pm 11.30pmSaturday and Sunday are days I have had very little response from the servers and it is so variable that you can find a multiplayer room better give yourself time and be testing at almost all hours as suits you.