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Tomb raider Multiplayer Guide for new players:If you can just buy tomb raider and then look for your dlcs and it will not work in any aspect but the physical I have here I recommend you do before you make a bad purchase of dlcTo start normally the tomb raider comes with a pack of suits for lara croft and other things is recommended ably buy it in discount but this will prove useful when playing your muiltiplayer? Of course not because it is merely aesthetic dlc and are only for the campaignIf you have the opportunity to get the dlc of weapons of hitman absolutions it is more than obvious that ddeves to buy your weapons mean an increased damage of 20% in rifles, 80% shotguns and 60% pistols clear that also their disadvantages as the cadence of fire And precision will be present at the time play but you should not worry because over time because over time when collecting supplies you can improve some things or raise more damage hahahahaAt the moment the shotgun is one of my favorite weapons in the battle field the bad thing would be that it does not have distance of fire but for that we have the pistol and its high rate of fire and precision and with the shotgun type SWAT equipped with a single shot to average Distance you end up with the enemy from a distant distance could be 2 – 3 shots and with the rifle (silver) has much dispersion of fire but the ideal is to shoot in short bursts the enemy will not know what to do before your shooting power and basically Will be cornered at its base.To finish I want to clarify that I rise from 1 level per game regardless of whether I play against levels 40, 50 and 60 I won 87% of the games.

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