Age of ilcoin VR : Retribution

Age of ilcoin VR : Retribution

About This Game

Age of ILCoin Retribution is a virtual reality game set in a futuristic sci-fi action setting where the ultimate treasure is ILCoins (ILCs). You will become “The Miner” and your mission will be to earn and protect your coins.

The game’s action takes place in 2020 of the ILCoin universe, the world economics is not the same as our current one. The world is in recession and cryptocurrencies are the most important asset.

Finding yourself in this ideal world for cryptocurrency, you will have to defend the base ship against alien soldiers sent by D’Boss, the main antagonist whose only purpose is to get rid of you and your team before taking control of all the ILCoins.

Wondering why are you finding yourself in such a difficult situation? It all started when during one of your flights you’re having an accident which leads you into a wormhole. This space-time disruption gets you on a strange planet where the only familiar faces are your teammates and… some statues on the soon-to-be-discovered mothership.

You’ll get to slaughter aliens, laugh with your teammates, and even die in hilarious ways. I’m warning you, the games can get pretty challenging in certain situations. You’ll face different enemies, with different attack patterns, higher defenses, and even occasional surprise attacks. You will have to improve your aim while progressing into the amazing world of Age of ILCoin Retribution!