Grimalkin: Solar Defense Force

Grimalkin: Solar Defense Force

About This Game


Grimalkin Solar Defense Force is a game about planning each tactical retreat and achieving victory against overwhelming odds as the Evil Ancient Space Faring Empire Decimates your forces. The game is set 6000 years into the future and an Evil Ancient Space Faring Empire that seeks to reclaim their ancient home world from the Mutated House Cats turned a Sentient Space Faring 80’s Retro Race known as Grimalkins who happen upon them at the Edge of the Sol System. Grimalkins fought bravely against the initial wave but what remained of Admiral Fluffy Duffy’s fleet is Unknown. All that stands between earth and utter destruction is the Grimalkin Solar Defense Force and their nigh impervious Hyper Field Barriers. As the sole commander of the Grimalkin Defense Force you are tasked with preparing the Hyper Field Defenses, its fleet, and prevent the Evil Ancient Space Faring Empire from reaching Earth.

Do you have what it takes to lead space faring house cats against the Evil Ancient Space Faring Empire?!


  • You as the player start off with nothing but scarce resources a portal and a brave Grimalkin Commander at your side.
  • Build Orbital Space Stations to boost your fleet and defenses.
  • Mine Resources from ore , H3 fuel, to enemy Knowledge.
  • Research new Tech Tiers to improve your fleets fighting capabilities.
  • Test the enemy for weakness with each loadout of your fleet.
  • Every ship matters, and losing just one could mean your utter destruction. Retreat when all seems lost and save your fleet to help you withstand the overwhelming odds against you.
  • Use your Commander in Battle to aid you in the fight but be careful not to lose the brave soul as he/she is your only hope to win the day; if lost all is lost.
  • Tactically plan your forces to out maneuver the enemy; using superior tactics will help you gain the knowledge and skill to increase your overall chance of survival as well as your overall statistics.

Grimalkin Solar Defense is a Rogue Like RTS game. As a player you’re tasked with improving your fleet and figuring out what best configuration can beat the enemy’s defenses. They call themselves the Evil Ancient Space Faring Empire; whatever that means. Figuring out their alien weaponry will help lead you to victory as you fight your way back to Earth. Face Overwhelming odds and challenges throughout the game. Be prepared to lose and retreat often as the enemy is unrelenting in their war against the Grimalkin forces. Each Planet Lost is a chance lost, Hold the enemy as much as possible and plan your fights with the intent to save as many of your precious ships as possible. Every ship lost hurts so try to keep your fleet alive for the next engagement.