Install Wizard

Install Wizard

About This Game

About Install Wizard

You are just a simple Installation Wizard tasked with installing a new operating system, MythOS. However, the evil SorcerX virus has managed to corrupt MythOS and turn the programs against you! It is now up to you and your digital companion Pinny to restore the corrupted programs back to their old selves with your digital magic and defeat SorcerX once and for all.

As the Install Wizard, you will traverse programs like the image editor Easel, Webnav the web browser, and the Recycle Bin where dead files still roam. These programs will have many secrets to find to allow your spells to grow in power or acquire new spells altogether.

Do you have what it takes to defeat SorcerX and save your operating system?

Game Features

– Fast, Snappy Combat
– Spells based on retro PCs
– Upgrading Spells via Crafting
– 90s inspired soundtrack
– Collectables
– Achievements!

About Us

We are Missing Link Games, a small dev team of ungraduate game development students. We developed Install Wizard fully remotely while working towards graduation and wanted to share it with the public. The COVID 19 pandemic definitely made development an interesting challenge, but we hope you enjoy what we have created!