Mount & Blade Guide

Полное пособие по прокачке игрока. + секрет

Полное пособие по прокачке игрока. + секрет for Mount & Blade

Overview В этом руководстве, я расскажу все про прокачку игрока, выбор судьбы вначале игры и как он влияет на первоначальные умения, как прокачать общие навыки не потратив ни одного очка умения и о другом. Выбор судбы в игре и на что он влияет. С самого начала вы выбираете свою судьбу в игре, вы выбираете пол, … Read moreПолное пособие по прокачке игрока. + секрет

Mount & Blade Cheats(English)

Mount & Blade Cheats(English) for Mount & Blade

Overview Simple cheats for the kid in you! Cheats You must enable cheats in initial config window at game startup in order to use them. Ctrl key + X in inventory screen: + 1000 Denarii. (Deactivated in trial version) Ctrl key + X in character screen: + 1000 XP. (Deactivated in trial version) ( Ctrl … Read moreMount & Blade Cheats(English)

Secret Order 7 Walthrough

Secret Order 7 Walthrough for The Secret Order 7: Shadow Breach

Overview Video walkthrough, bonus chapter included. With all achievements, without skipping any minigame. General Information Please dont forget to: 100% perfection time, difficulty, required walkthroughs: 1 playthrough required on any difficulty. Bonus chapter required. You need to pick up all collectibles, finish all minigames/hidden object scenes without skip/hints. Perfection time: 3-4hours If the video walkthrough … Read moreSecret Order 7 Walthrough

Bad Rats Show Handbook

Bad Rats Show Handbook for Bad Rats Show

Overview A handbook on how to be a devout player of Bad Rats Show Gifting All players are obligated to gift copies to their friends. Finding other followers Join a group of followers as yourself. This is the largest network of Bad Rats followers

Bad Rats Show Level Passwords

Bad Rats Show Level Passwords for Bad Rats Show

Overview Passwords for all the levels in Bad Rats Show How to input passwords First Launch the game Then go to Options and then click on Password You may then enter a password from below Passwords Chapter I: Learning to be Bad #1 FIRST #2 MS-DOIS #3 MICROWAVING #4 QUATRILHO #5 SUPERGLUE #6 BROKENBONE #7 … Read moreBad Rats Show Level Passwords

Collect all orbs (pieces of blue mask)

Collect all orbs (pieces of blue mask) for Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Overview Collect all orbs (pieces of blue mask), except last (end boss)1 — Agave Field (Juan’s house) 0:002 — Forest del Chivo 3:133 — Tule Tree 4:194 — Caverna del Pollo 8:575 — Sierra Morena (Cueva de la Locura) 13:11 Collect all orbs (pieces of blue mask)