Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

Cazador 2-The Cazaclaw

Cazador 2-The Cazaclaw for Fallout: New Vegas

Overview So you thought my first guide about Cazadors was bad/spooky/intresting.Well your in for a suprise as its time to teach you how to beat the most feared creature in the wasteland.The Cazaclaw. Welcome ladys and gents to my new guide Cazador 2-The Cazaclaw. Have Fun. Also Big shoutout to the Creator of this fantastic … Read moreCazador 2-The Cazaclaw

How to shoot

How to shoot for Fallout: New Vegas

Overview getting gud Steps Aim at your enemy with your mouse (ProTip: Use your hands) Left Click Get Rekt Scrub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Japanese (Dare dare) マウスを使って敵を狙う(プロヒント:あなたの手を使用してください) 左クリック Rektスクラブを取得 (◕ ͜ʖ◕)

Cazador-How to beat it

Cazador-How to beat it for Fallout: New Vegas

Overview I will teach you how to beat the most feared bug in the waste the CAZADOR Cazador-The Encounter You are on a dusty trail walking and then down the far road you see it you hear it and it sees you. The cazador has spotted you you must stand still and not break eyecontact … Read moreCazador-How to beat it

How to walk

How to walk for Fallout: New Vegas

Overview Please pay attention to the tutorial because it is very difficult to achieve it successfully1. Launch the your save game or create a new3.this step is very difficult !! you are sure to continue ?You can return to re-practice the previous steps4. Press w for walk5.enjoy