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A Beginners Guide to SMITE

A Beginners Guide to SMITE for SMITE

Overview New to the game or just want some tips? You’ve come to the correct place. Starting Out When you first load up SMITE, finish all the training missions and get used to the menu. Now, pick a god you will play with, I really recommend focusing on one god rather than constantly changing between … Read moreA Beginners Guide to SMITE

Wolf’s Xing Tian Arena guide

Wolf's Xing Tian Arena guide for SMITE

Overview This is a guide about how I personnally use Xing Tian in arena, I have not adapted/tested this yet for conquest or siege, but it works a little bit for joust, assault, and clash providing your team has excellent burst potential. This Builds’ focus is HP5.THIS GUIDE IS INCOMPLETE. Intro to Xing Tian’s Arena … Read moreWolf’s Xing Tian Arena guide

The Simple Guide to Relics

The Simple Guide to Relics for SMITE

Overview New to the game and unfamiliar with the relics? Want to know which relics work best with which gods and how to counter those annoying CC gods like Ares? Then this simple guide is sure to help you! Introduction Welcome to the simple guide to relics! In this guide I will be going over … Read moreThe Simple Guide to Relics

5 assassins that can be played mid

5 assassins that can be played mid for SMITE

Overview Assassin class is mostly dedicated to junglers due to their utilization of basic attacks and abilities. Most of the assassins have high mobility and burst damage and clear the jungle efficient. However, majority of their abilities are either single target oriented, lack damage over time or can only be casted short range. With that … Read more5 assassins that can be played mid

Ares Guide

Ares Guide for SMITE

Overview This is a guide to help new Ares players, (or help make some new ones) know how to play Ares, and what he does. Abillities (and role) So First off if your going to play Ares, you have to know this. Hes a guardian, and you have to stay front lines, hes not an … Read moreAres Guide

How to Ravana

How to Ravana for SMITE

Overview How to be a cool kid that plays Ravana at the highest level. Ravana’s Many Talents Ravana is a pretty flexible god, being a warrior and all. He can be built to deal hella damage, or be the tankiest and most annoying god on your team. However, both of these builds aren’t always viable. … Read moreHow to Ravana

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Smite A-Z Arena Guide #1 Agni

Smite A-Z Arena Guide #1 Agni for SMITE

Overview Why hello there and welcome to my smite arena guide series ^.^ Just nice to know Agni ! aka : – The fire that cleanses the world – “Die Insect” – Double Trouble – The Indian Missles Depot Agni is a high Damage, moblie, nukeing Mage, who excels in fishing for cc and harassing … Read moreSmite A-Z Arena Guide #1 Agni